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October - Week 2

Well that was a pretty good week, finally feeling back to normal health meant I had more energy to get on and do/deal with stuff.

On Tuesday of last week we headed to the O2 to see a American Country band called Lady Antebellum. They are one of our favourite groups who we were also lucky enough to see a couple of years ago at the London C2C festival. It was a great show, they sang loads of stuff from their new album as well as a ton of their back catalogue, by the time it was over I was hoarse from singing so much. I did take my camera as I knew we had good seats and I wanted to try and get some decent pics but what I forgot to do was charge the camera, doh!! - what a rookie error. So apologies for the poor quality of below pic but I had to revert to the trusty old iPhone.
On Saturday morning Tom and I headed over to the Savoy hotel to meet our friend Eileen for a coffee. Eileen lives in New York but she was visiting London as part of work trip laid on by one of her clients. Due to he…

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