Here I Go

Its official, I am now a Weight Watcher!!

Last night I joined my local group and I now have my daily and weekly allowance of SmartPoints so my journey to lose weight and be healthier is well and truly under way. I am feeling so motivated and positive about it all, and I am really excited at the prospect of my first weigh in. I have registered on-line so I can track what I eat and drink each day and check the points value of any food that isn't listed in my book. There is also a handy little app for when I am out and about and need to check something. One of the big plus points of the app is that it connects to my FitBit and logs my daily exercise and activity. The more active you are the more Fitpoint's you earn and the more points you have the more you can eat/drink. I have recorded my measurements as they are now and I will check these again each month to see if I am losing inches as well as pounds. I also took a photo of myself in just leggings and a vest to show my lumps and bumps in all their glory, this will go in my journal and will be my 'point of no return'!

In preparation for the coming weeks I have searched through my cook books for some inspiration and I have found a load of recipes that I can adapt to be low in points and Weight Watcher friendly. So I will be menu planning each week to ensure that we have a variety of tasty, healthy and filling meals. I am even thinking about buying a spiralizer, if any of you have one I would love to know what you think of it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading....

Love and hugs, Jane xx