Project Life Updated

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What a wet and miserable day today has been, so glad we didn't have any plans to go anywhere or do anything. Instead I paid a quick visit to the local Farmers Market in Bermondsey Square to stock up on veggies. I came home and made a pot of curried parsnip soup to be used for lunches in the week and a three cheese and tomato tart which we had for lunch today.

After a quick bit of housework I headed to my room to play while Tom took control of the tv!! I pretty much lost track of my Project Life around mid June last year and I wasn't going to bother going back to update it as I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth but a friend suggested doing monthly pages rather than doing weekly ones. So with the aid of my fully up to date Erin Condren Life Planner I set about doing some pages. I managed to finish off June and then I did 3 more double pages, so that's July, Aug and Sept now complete. I also started to lay out the cards for my Oct/Vegas page which I think will probably cover 4 sides so I can include a fair bit of journaling and photos. Below are some pics of the completes pages.......let me know what you think, and how you tackle Project Life if you are doing it.

Today is also a special day for our family, it's the anniversary of the day my cousin lost her beautiful daughter. It's now five years since the Angels came for our girl but not a day goes past without her being thought of. So tonight we shall raise our glases to the brightest star in the sky, love you Hayley xx

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Love and hugs as always, Jane xx