Weekend Round-Up

Well its been a fairly chilled out and relaxed weekend here with us, just the way we like it to be honest. Friday evening was spent at home, after a nice healthy and smart point friendly dinner of cod fillets in a tomato and olive sauce with veggies we curled up in front of the TV to watch a film. Our choice of viewing this time round was The Heist which stars Robert De Niro, it was a really good film, action packed and with a great twist at the end - highly recommended by us both!

I also sat and menu planned Friday evening which meant a visit to the local supermarket on Saturday morning for supplies, I had great fun using my Weight Watchers app to check the smart points in certain things before I bought them, mind you I did get one or two funny looks! We came home and straight away I started cooking dinner which I had planned for us to have early so we could go out for a few hours in the evening. I chose a Hairy Dieters recipe for Paprika Chicken which I tweaked so it would be WW friendly and I have to say is was very nice indeed, I made more than we could eat so a batch duly went into the freezer for a quick no-cook meal when needed.

So off into town we went, all wrapped up warm against the cold. We were heading in to see the Lumiere London light show and our first point of call was Regent Street. The lights were fabulous but the crowds were horrendous, in parts it was an absolute crush and you had no choice but to keep moving. The pic's below are of the installation that was above Oxford Circus/Regent Street.

Further down Regent Street were these strange looking fish-y things. They were floating about, bobbing around and changing colour as you walked past.

By the time we got down to Piccadilly Circus the crowds were so heavy we were almost at a standstill, there were people coming and going in all directions and I have to say I really didn't like it at all. It was at that point we decided we'd had enough and we would start our journey home. We walked through Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden before jumping on a bus. Once home we had a nice bowl of home-made butternut squash, carrot and cumin soup to warm us up - it was so tasty and delicious and totally point free so that's something else that will become a regular lunch/supper item.

I started today by making a big pot of vegetable soup for Tom to have for his lunch during the week and I also made another Hairy Dieters dish for our lunch. This time I chose their Lamb Hotpot and I have to say it was far, far nicer than I had expected. It was totally delicious and we shall be having that again in the not to distant future (especially while the weather is so cold).

We popped out for an hour or so his morning to have a walk and we we took our usual route along the river with one or two diversions to make it a little longer. It was cold but it wasn't raining or snowing so it was nice, plus it meant we were both upp'ing our FitBit steps which usually at the weekend are pretty low. The rest of the day has been spent pottering about the flat but I did manage some time in my craft room, I finished one double layout using a Basic Grey Page of the Month kit and I currently have another double layout 'in progress' on my desk.  Pics below of both sides of the completed layout and feature a few pics from last years Vegas holiday.

I am now halfway though my first week on WW and I have to say so far I have found it pretty easy, yes I need to think a little more and make better choices about what we eat but on the whole I/we haven't been hungry at all and on the up-side we have still managed to have a few drinks over the weekend!

Hope you have all had a good weekend, and that the coming week is kind to you. As always thanks for stopping by and having a read. Please feel free to leave a comment, I love to read them and I promise to return the favour and stop by your blog too.

Love and hugs, Jane xx