June 2017 in Review

As we arrived home on a Thursday I spent the first few days/weekend at home dealing with the unpacking and washing. It was nice to have those extra days to relax a little and catch up on chores before the reality of having to go back to work hit. By the time my Monday morning commute arrived I was suffering with a huge dose of jet lag and the post holiday blues - the office wasn't where I wanted to be! Luckily for me I didn't come back to too much of backlog of work so I was able to ease myself back into it at a fairly relaxed pace.

So what did we do in June apart from mope about and moan about the fact that our holiday was done?? Well for the second year running we were gifted tickets to Taste of London at Regents Park by our favorite Argentinian steak restaurant Constancia. Taste of London is a foodies heaven with loads of different restaurants, bars and food/drink suppliers all vying for your trade. There are plenty of samples to be snapped up as you go around but if you want to actually buy something to eat and drink its really quite expensive for what you get. As eating out is something we both like to do we really enjoyed the event but agreed that its not something that we would actually pay to attend due to the high cost of both the entry tickets and whats available to buy once your inside. Still there are far worse ways of spending a warm Summers evening in London.

The first weekend after our holiday Tom started doing overtime again. Now as much as I don't enjoy spending chunks of my weekends alone I do know that its the overtime that pays for the nice things in life and that at anytime the it could dry up so its a take it while you can situation. As our 2018 holiday is now in the planning (more about that in another post) I am happy to suffer it.

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday 22nd June however as we were both working we put off the celebrations until the Saturday when we went out for a lovely meal at the Argentinian that had given us the TOL tickets. Its just around the corner from where we live and although its not cheap its now our go to place for special occasions. The steaks there are amazing, probably some of the best I have ever had.

The weekend working continued for Tom so I had a couple of shopping/lunch days out. One was with my friend Jules and her lovely daughter Tinks. We met in London and spent a afternoon wandering around Lush, Benefit, Irregular Choice and Liberty. I was quite restrained and only bought a couple of beauty items from Urban Decay and some bath bombs in Lush. I did spot a lovely pair of shoes in IC which may have to be snapped up next time I go into London. I also met up with my sister and niece, for a little shopping trip to Dartford. It wasn't the best of places to go to be honest but I managed to little Primark haul which is never a bad thing.

I had my first post holiday weigh in and was pleasantly surprised to have only put on 2.5lbs. All that walking obviously paid off.

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by.

Love and hugs, Jane


Sandra said…
Oh those pesky holiday blues. Nothing for it but to organise and plan the next one. A great round up and sounds like you had a lovely June xx
Jane O'Sullivan said…
Thanks Sandra. Hope all is well with you....are you not blogging anymore? xx
Stef H said…
hi jane. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. nice to meet you. WOW! now THAT'S a trip! i'm in the midwest USA (Illinois) tho i'm a born & raised new yorker. been in IL for almost 30 yrs already (where does the time go). hope to see you in blogland again. welcome home and happy JULY!
Panharith said…
A great round up and sounds like you had a lovely June xx

แตกใน xxx
vaiybora said…
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