2020 Goals

It seems like just about everyone is posting about their goals and plans for the year ahead of us so I thought I would join in and share mine. To be honest I don't really have that many and what I do have are not that fancy or ground breaking. Last year wasn't the best for me with my Dad being so poorly and due to that a lot of things just got pushed to one side or forgotten about. Hopefully this will be a much better year all round and I can start to be more organized and motivated again.

As a lot of you know I do love a planner/notebook/journal. I use them to make notes for just about everything that I/we need to do, from daily life planning to holidays I have a book for it. I have a little basket that sits besides my sofa and they are all housed in their along with a selection of pens so I can make notes and lists whenever the fancy takes me. My 2020 planner this year is a Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner that I picked up last year while we were in Florida. Its not actually the type of planner I was looking for but its so pretty both outside and inside, plus I loved the layouts and pages. Usually I go for something that's more of an oversized diary but this is so different to that and has lots of areas for journaling & list making. I am hoping that I can keep on top of it and at the end of the year I will have a full and complete book.
Menu Planning
Something else that fell by the wayside last year was my menu planning, subsequently because of that and various other factors our diet suffered enormously. I now have a notepad that lists everything in the freezer and I update it on a regular basis. Knowing what we have makes it so much easier to meal plan for the week and for us to start to be a little healthier. I am determined to make this work so we are not reliant on last minute trips to the local Sainsburys for something unhealthy and costly. With this in mind I also want to start making breakfast and lunches to take to work, this again is for the benefits of having something healthier as well as saving some £££. I am going to dig out my cookbooks and look for some new recipes to add to our regular meals. Another thing I want to try and do on a regular basis is batch cook and freeze some staples like curries, chilli's & cottage pies etc so there is always something in the freezer that we can have.

Save Money & Pay Off Debts
Being more organized in regards to food is one way that I know we can save money. If I am organized with what we are eating then I can make a list of what is needed for the week(s) ahead and just buy that rather than make nightly visits to the supermarket on my way home from work and end up buying needlessly. No more random stsuff will be added to the basket, if its not 100% needed then it wont be bought! In addition we have both made changes to our spending habits and I have cancelled several subscriptions I had to various monthly craft & beauty boxes, they were nice to have but were really not necessary. We are wanting to start planning another trip to Florida, so with that in mind we are going to cut back and reduce the amount we spend. Meals out (except for birthdays) will be replaced with nights in with a home cooked meal and something on Netflix! We both have plenty of clothes too so nothing new will be added to our wardrobes unless its to replace something that is no longer wearable and is 100% needed. I know we can do this and am confident that as the year progresses we can pay off some debts and add to our savings.

Craft Time
As most of you know I am an avid crafter and love nothing more than a day in my room creating scrapbook pages etc. Last year my crafting was sadly neglected but this year I am really wanting to spend more time being creative. I have finished my 2019 album off and am now ready to start the 2020 one. However I do still need to finish the Florida 2018 album and the Florida 2019 travel journal as well as start the Florida 2019 scrapbook. - phew, that should keep me going for a while. I would also like to get a bit more creative my with Cricut and use it to make some t-shirts and home d├ęcor. I have had a little play and added some glitter HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to a couple of t-shirts using designs I bought on Etsy and I have to say I am really pleased with how they have turned out. I just need to practice a bit more with the design placement.
I think that's enough goals for me, I don't want to over commit and bite off more than I can chew. Hopefully as the year progresses I will be able to update you on how things are going.


New Year & A New Decade

A New Year & A New Decade
Happy New Year! Although I have to say it feels a bit weird saying that as NYE feels like it was ages ago. Anyway I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that this first full week back to normality isn't too much of a struggle. Ours was very nice although it was very low key and quiet as the run up to the festive period was a little stressful due to my Dad being back in hospital. Thankfully he was released on Christmas Eve which was a huge relief to us all.

Apart from Christmas & Boxing Day when we visited family we didn't do much at all other than relax at home and eat far too much!! We popped out to Bluewater once as Tom had to change a gift and we went for a walk by the river but that was it really. We just made the most of the break and stayed home watching Netflix and some You Tube vlogs - we finally finished Season 2 of Stranger Things so now we can move on to Season 3. We have also started another Season of Line of Duty and I am watching You (although I am not sure if I like it - the first couple of episodes freaked me out a bit!).

Our Plans For 2020
We don't have many plans for the year yet and there certainly isn't a trip to Florida happening despite us searching the internet for a bargain. Instead we are planning a couple of mini breaks at home along with some time out at Toms sisters apartment in Spain for our anniversary in June. As is the norm for most people this time of year we are both looking to lose a few lbs and get a little healthier. I am going to be getting back to menu planning as well as trying to get out and walk a little more at the weekends, Tom isn't a very motivated person so its going to be up to me to drag him out and keep him on the straight and narrow food wise. Wish me luck as he can be a stubborn old so and so at time - especially when the weather isn't at its best and he just wants to stay home in the warm.

I lost a lot of focus on my crafting last year but my mojo for it appears to have returned so I am looking forward to getting some older projects finished as well as starting some new ones. I am off on a Scrapbooking retreat later this year which I am really looking forward to as the last time I went on one of those I came back full of ideas and inspiration. Watch this space and my Insta page for pictures of what I get up to and create.

I haven't really set myself any goals for the year yet, there are things that I want to do more/less off but I will save that for another post as I am still working on what I want to achieve.

I would love to know if you have any plans or goals for this year, leave me a comment below if you do.

As always thanks for stopping bye to read.

Blogmas 2019 - Part 4

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I was struggling a little bit to come up with a new Blogmas post so I thought I would ask on Twitter for some Christmas related questions. I actually got a really good response, below are all the questions along with who asked and my answers. A massive big thank you to everyone who asked me something, I really enjoyed answering.

1. What is in your fantasy selection box (5 allowed) - asked by Steph & Jimmy of @TheDespicable3
I love chocolate so this one was a little difficult but I managed to narrow it down to five. I will have Wispa Gold, KitKat Chunky, Twirl, After Eights & Thornton's Viennese Truffles.

2. What are your Top 3 Christmas songs and any you dislike - asked by Nathan of @NathanStaker1
Oooh now this is difficult as I love Christmas music so trying to pick just 3 really had me thinking. Anyway my top 3 are 1. Step into Christmas (Elton John) 2. Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams) 3. I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday (Wizard). As for a dislike I think it would have to be Jonah Louie's Stop the Cavalry and Cliff Richards Mistletoe and Wine - both make me cringe and turn the radio off.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween or Christmas Movie? And Queens Speech Yes/No?- asked by Chris @cjdoc414
I cant answer this one as I haven't seen it - sorry, don't hate me!!
As for the Queens speech that would be a no as we are usually eating at that time, however I do catch it at some point later in the day.

4. What song do you have to hear before it feels like Christmas? - asked by Karina @chasingchildhd
Hmmmmm - can I say any of them?? This one is difficult and I am finding it hard to think of just one as I do love a bit of festive music. Anyway I am going to be a little different here and say the Holidays are Coming from the Coca Cola advert. I mean is it really Christmas if you haven't seen or heard the ad?

5. What was your favourite present as a child - asked by Bell @tinksbellellie
That would be the bike I got when I was about 10, its what both my sister and I had asked for but we thought we hadn't got them as they weren't under the tree with our other gifts. Mum and Dad had actually hidden them and we only 'found' them when we were sent out to get something from the garage! One of my other faves was a pair of roller disco boots - oh I loved those things!

6. What time is the earliest you got up as a child on Christmas morning - asked by Deb @agathac65945235
I don't think I ever got up super early, maybe 7ish? We used to have a pillowcase at the end of our beds that 'Santa' would leave presents in. Once we were awake we would take these into our parents room to open and then we would head downstairs for breakfast and whatever was under the tree.

7. Kerplunk or Operation - asked by Pippa & Peter @BroadwaysAway
Operation without fail, it was one of my favourite games. My sister had kerplunk though and I did enjoy that too.

8. Do you have any Disney Christmas traditions - asked by Eddie & Teresa @AScotOfDisney
Good question guys! Well we only had our first Disney holiday in 2017 but since then there has always been something Disney in our stockings or under the tree and we buy a new Disney ornament for the tree every year. Last year we went to see Disney on Ice for the first time (and loved it) so that could be a new tradition.

9. What is your earliest Christmas memory - asked by Shari @sharigeldhill
I think it would be going to bed with an empty pillowcase at the end of my bed and waking up to find it had gifts in from 'Santa', anything under the tree was from Mum & Dad/family members. Another memory is going out to visit great grandparents while Mum prepared the dinner.

10. Nap after dinner - yes or no? Asked by Jane @JaneyL91652762
Maybe not a full on nap but there might a quiet 10 mins!!

11. Favourite Christmas Movie - asked by @ready4aholiday
Either Home Alone 1 or Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version with Richard Attenbough)

12. Do you have a family traditions at Christmas and what present as a child did you really want - asked by Darren, Clare and Sophie @3_bigkids
We don't really have any family traditions as such other than Christmas dinner is always at my Mums. Tom and I have a few though, the main one being that we always go for a walk around London to see the lights and shop windows.
Yes! I always wanted Girls World and never got it it - am I too old to ask for it now?? lol

Once again thanks for the questions and for reading this post.

Jane xx