Out of Office

So that's it, we are done with work and regular life for the next two weeks, now get us on that plane. Florida here we come......

Posts will resume once we are home.

Florida 2019 - Its The Final Countdown!

So here we are, a little under a week away from our next trip to Florida. Its not been the best lead up to our departure as my Dad was admitted to hospital a week or so ago and is currently still in. He is on a ward for the care of the elderly where he will get all the help and support he needs to regain some of his strength and mobility. So far he is doing ok and appears to be making very small steps in improving, his doctors are monitoring him for a couple of other underlying issues and his treatments will be looked at when they have done all their tests. Thankfully they are not willing to discharge him until he is well enough to go home and when that does happen their will be a care package in place to assist him and Mum as needed. As you can imagine my emotions have been all over the place in regards to us going away, we have even discussed the option of cancelling however as I write this post we are still planning to go. Dad is in the best place right now and getting the care he needs to aid his recovery, we will be in touch with my Mum and Sister every day and if need be we can cut our trip short and head home.

Pretty much everything we need to do is now done, we just need to finish the packing and do the final few chores at home before we head off to Gatwick for a pre-travel overnight stay at the Premier Inn. Tom still has to go and get a shave and a haircut and I need to sort my holiday beauty stuff plus we have to drop the pets at their holiday homes but these are all things that will be done on pre-travel day.

We actually first decided on this trip last year, I think we booked our villa around March time and then the flights in December when they were released. Once again we used the Dibb for our villa, we have gone for a different one to last year simply because we wanted to try somewhere different and have a villa with a larger pool deck. The one we have opted for is on Highlands Reserve and is called Pine View Villa - if you want to take a look the link for it is here. Our flights are with Virgin simply because they offered us the better deal, we had some flying club points that we managed to use to upgrade to Premium Economy which is what we both prefer as it offers a little extra comfort (and luggage allowance!!).

Our friends Shaun and Caroline are going to be there at the same time as us along with Jason & Josh, Paul & Cheryl, Nathan and Gary & Becca - we didn't know this at the time we booked, we just picked that time of year so we could experience MNSSHP and HHN. There are a couple of group meets ups planned, plus we will all be getting together to celebrate Caroline's 40th birthday which should be great fun. However I am sure we will bump into each other on more than once occasion in and around the parks.

I know these last few days are going to drag, and no doubt at some point there will be a slight panic over something we have 'forgotten' but I know all will be just fine. If you want to follow along with our trip please add me on Instagram, that's the place you are most likely to find our daily posts, photos and insta stories.

September 2019 - A New Season Has Arrived

I feel like I start almost every post saying something about how fast the year/months are passing by but wow are we really in September now? August seems like a dim and distant memory and although we had some good weather it wasn't that great either was it? I love the Summer months, it really is my favourite time of year - there is nothing better than the long light evenings, lightweight clothes and plenty of time spent outdoors. For me September is the month that brings the most change and although I like it for its beautiful colours and cooler air I also get sad because it means Summer has gone and we are heading towards the cold and darkness of Winter which I truly dislike.

It really does feel like Autumn has arrived and that somewhere, someone, flicked a switch turned Summer off! The nights are starting to drawn in, the leaves are beginning to fall and there is a slight crispness to the morning and evening air. Most of my Summer wardrobe has been packed up and is now safely back in the case under the bed. There are a few items that have escaped the annual seasonal cull for now as they will be needed for our trip to Florida later this month. In a bid to stay positive about the seasonal change I have started to plan cosy nights in with meals cooked in the slo-cooker, blankets on the sofa and a film or box set on the TV. We have Netflix now so I am sure that we will be able to find plenty to keep us entertained. Also I am ever-so slightly beginning to think about Christmas - its the one and only thing I like about the Winter months. I have even set a date in my calender to put up the tree and decorations #sorrynotsorry!

Speaking of Florida its now just 24 days until we fly back to Orlando for another 2 weeks of magic and memory making and the excitement has really kicked in. The itinerary is being checked (and amended) on a daily basis as we are now able to book our fast passes and so far we have managed to get a few that are on our list. We also have a lot of 'new to us' things to do this year which is quite exciting. We are going to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, Food & Wine at Epcot and a Giraffe Safari at Busch Gardens amongst other things.

Last weekend I dragged out the suitcases and started trying to organize some of our stuff. I have a notebook full of lists and am gradually starting to cross things off but we do still have a lot to do before we can load up the car and head to Gatwick. Thankfully Tom isn't working the next two weekends so we will have a chance to get some holiday stuff done as well as a few other bits that need doing around the flat. The idea is to do a little bit each weekend which should mean that there is no last minute panic or rush for something that's been forgotten - famous last words!!

In other news not much else has been happening really, we had a fairly quiet end to August. Tom has been busy doing overtime which means I have managed to spend some time in my craft room and I have actually made some kind of dent in scrapbooking our Florida 2018 photos. I still have a lot to do but I feel a little more organized and in control in regards to getting it finished, I am hoping I can do this by the end of the year so I can begin a new album for this years trip. 

So that's about all for now, thanks for stopping by. If you like my blog please leave me a comment below to let me know you have been here, it really means a lot to know that people do like to read my posts.