September 2019 - A New Season Has Arrived

I feel like I start almost every post saying something about how fast the year/months are passing by but wow are we really in September now? August seems like a dim and distant memory and although we had some good weather it wasn't that great either was it? I love the Summer months, it really is my favourite time of year - there is nothing better than the long light evenings, lightweight clothes and plenty of time spent outdoors. For me September is the month that brings the most change and although I like it for its beautiful colours and cooler air I also get sad because it means Summer has gone and we are heading towards the cold and darkness of Winter which I truly dislike.

It really does feel like Autumn has arrived and that somewhere, someone, flicked a switch turned Summer off! The nights are starting to drawn in, the leaves are beginning to fall and there is a slight crispness to the morning and evening air. Most of my Summer wardrobe has been packed up and is now safely back in the case under the bed. There are a few items that have escaped the annual seasonal cull for now as they will be needed for our trip to Florida later this month. In a bid to stay positive about the seasonal change I have started to plan cosy nights in with meals cooked in the slo-cooker, blankets on the sofa and a film or box set on the TV. We have Netflix now so I am sure that we will be able to find plenty to keep us entertained. Also I am ever-so slightly beginning to think about Christmas - its the one and only thing I like about the Winter months. I have even set a date in my calender to put up the tree and decorations #sorrynotsorry!

Speaking of Florida its now just 24 days until we fly back to Orlando for another 2 weeks of magic and memory making and the excitement has really kicked in. The itinerary is being checked (and amended) on a daily basis as we are now able to book our fast passes and so far we have managed to get a few that are on our list. We also have a lot of 'new to us' things to do this year which is quite exciting. We are going to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, Food & Wine at Epcot and a Giraffe Safari at Busch Gardens amongst other things.

Last weekend I dragged out the suitcases and started trying to organize some of our stuff. I have a notebook full of lists and am gradually starting to cross things off but we do still have a lot to do before we can load up the car and head to Gatwick. Thankfully Tom isn't working the next two weekends so we will have a chance to get some holiday stuff done as well as a few other bits that need doing around the flat. The idea is to do a little bit each weekend which should mean that there is no last minute panic or rush for something that's been forgotten - famous last words!!

In other news not much else has been happening really, we had a fairly quiet end to August. Tom has been busy doing overtime which means I have managed to spend some time in my craft room and I have actually made some kind of dent in scrapbooking our Florida 2018 photos. I still have a lot to do but I feel a little more organized and in control in regards to getting it finished, I am hoping I can do this by the end of the year so I can begin a new album for this years trip. 

So that's about all for now, thanks for stopping by. If you like my blog please leave me a comment below to let me know you have been here, it really means a lot to know that people do like to read my posts.



August 2019 - Birthday Weekend Celebrations

Hello again and welcome back to my blog.

Last Saturday saw me celebrate my birthday oh yay, I am officially another year older! Usually Tom and I celebrate our birthdays over a weekend by spending some time together as well as with our families. However Tom was working overtime on Sunday so I took a days annual leave on Friday so we could have that extra day together.

On Friday we paid a visit to Bluewater where we did some shopping and Tom bought me some birthday gifts. As always I was a very lucky and spoilt girl, I got some super cute new Converse, a Disney Spirit Jersey that was a huge bargain, it was reduced from £50.00 to £24.99 on the tag but when we went to pay it actually came up at £14.99 (would have been totally rude not to get it at that price!). I was also bought some chocolates, some Disney & Pixar dvds for my collection and bottle of Brockmans gin. After our shopping trip we popped in to see my parents before we headed home to relax and watch some more Stranger Things. We never watched this when it first came out but have decided to give it a go as we have heard so much about it. We have now finished Season One which we both enjoyed, just need to crack on with seasons two and three now.

We didn't do much at all on my actual birthday, in fact we were rather domesticated and spent some time outside in our little garden space. Tom cut back two of our plants that had become so overgrown that they were reaching into our neighbours above windows - thankfully he had a ladder big enough to enable him to get to the top to trim them back. Our outside space isn't officially our garden but the council are happy for us to make it pretty and put in some plants and flowers etc. It took a little longer than planned to complete it all but once it was all finally done it looked so much better. After all that hard work it was time for a coffee and a birthday treat - a lovely slice of red velvet cake which is my fave!
Tom took me out for dinner on Saturday night to our most favourite steak restaurant which is called Constancia. Its a small, local independent restaurant with the most fabulous food and we always receive such a warm welcome from the owner which adds to why we continue to support it. Price wise its not the cheapest place to go hence the reason why we save it for special occasions. As always we had a fab meal and by the time we left we were fit to burst.
Tom was at work on Sunday so I had the day to myself and for the first time in ages I actually managed a good few hours in my craft room. I did a couple of 12x12 layouts and about 8 Project Life pages for our 2019 and Florida 2018 albums. The 2019 album is now pretty much up to date but there is still a very long way to go with the Florida album, there is no way its going to be finished before this years trip. I am going to have plenty of scrapping to keep me going over the coming months, just need to make sure that I dedicate some time to it on a more regular basis.

So that's another post over, as always thanks for stopping by to read. Hopefully I will be back with something else for you to read soon.

Love and hugs,



Time for an Update

Wow, we are now over halfway through July! Where is this year going?

Its been quite some time since I looked at this blog and did any kind of update, the last one was way back when and was part of the Florida 2018 series. Sadly I think that has now passed its sell by date so unless anyone wants to know anything in particular about our holiday there wont be anymore posts on it. Instead I will do with a little round up of what's been happening over the last couple of months.

In April we had a weekend away for Toms birthday, we went down to Poole for a few days and had a wonderful time. We visited the Bournmouth Oceanarium and Monkey World, both of which we loved and would highly recommend if you are ever in the area. We stayed in a fab little Air B&B (link HERE) on Pool High Street, the location was just perfect as we were right in the heart of all that Poole has to offer. The house was fab and was full of so many quirky and original features. We really didn't have enough time to do all that we wanted so we will have to make plans to return again one day soon.
We have also managed a little holiday abroad, we had 10 days out in Spain at Toms sisters apartment. The apartment is on the Costa del Sol which is where we usually go but its a little further along the coast just inland from Costa Casares. At first we were a little worried that we wouldn't enjoy it as much as we usually do as the area is not somewhere that we have explored on our previous holidays. Anyway we had a wonderful time, we didn't do much......we basically just relaxed and enjoyed the stunning views from the apartment terrace!
While we were in Spain we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary (its also the anniversary of our first date which was 19 years ago!). We had a lovely day, we went shopping and had a meal in our fave tapas restaurant and then ended the night with drinks with some friends who live out in Spain).
Since we have been back Tom has been doing loads of overtime again as Florida 2019 is fast approaching (68 days today!). Pretty much everything is now booked and paid for, just the villa balance to pay and car hire to sort and then we are all done. We both cant wait to get back to Florida, once again we have so much planned - its going to be so exciting. Of course we will be sharing it all on our Insta & Twitter pages if you want to follow along please pop over and give us a sub!

I think that's about all for now, thanks so much for stopping by and having a read.

Love and hugs,

Jane xx