Wedding Planning

Yesterday Tom and I went to Bluewater to do some shopping and to meet up with my sister, Steve and George. Its something we planned a couple of weeks ago but was slightly more important now as I wanted to show my sis a couple of 'wedding' outfits I had found.

We looked at dresses in Oriental Pearl but as nice as they were they were, they really were not me, I am not a dress person and I can honestly say that I think the last time I wore a dress was on my wedding day which was nearly 8 years ago! So we went to Monsoon to look at the tunic I had found on-line and we both agreed that in real life it was even more beautiful and very me indeed. I soon as I tried it on I knew it was what I wanted, the original plan was to wear it with trousers but its actually long enough for me to wear as a dress......if the link works there is a picture of it below.,5,shop,womencollections,bridal,bridaldresses

I will still look for a pair of trousers to go with it that way I will have a couple of options on what to wear depending on how I feel on the day. Shoes, bag and undies still need to be thought of too. Of course Tom will also need an outfit......but his cann wait till mine is all sorted - LOL!!!

As yet we have not booked a chapel or decided on what day we will do our vow renewal but we will do that soon as its something that we need to get booked before we can plan any shows or trips that we may want to do while we are away.

The shopping trip was followed by all of us going for tapas in La Tasca....very nice indeed. Cant beat tapas and a glass of red wine :)

So the planning has started, watch this space for more updates.

ETA: I cant get the link to work so if you want to see what I bought you will need to copy and paste the link - sorry!!


TopCat76 said...

Jane that tunic is gorgeous and totally you!! I got my wedding dress in Monsoon and was very happy with it. Bet you can't wait! xx

Anonymous said...

How romantic - congratulations. XXX sharon Peters XXX