Its Been AO-Hell!!

For a couple of weeks now we have had very poor or no internet connection due to problems with both AOL's service and our router. After many phone calls to both AOL and the router help desk we came to the conclusion that the only was we might actually get to the bottom of the problem was to go and buy a new router and see if that made any difference. Anyway after speaking to a friend (thanks Geoff!) DH called AOL one final time to see if they could do anything for us........and after him telling them we could get a better more reliable service elsewhere they decided to 'upgrade' our package, give us a new and free router and all for no extra cost, in fact they actually reduced our payments as we are long standing customers who they didnt want to lose. So all I can say is Yay for AOL customer services.......

So here we are back on line......guess I had better update you on whats been going on, which is not that much really LOL.... The weekend before last DH and I headed to Constancia which is the new Argentinial restaurant that opened in Tower Bridge Road last year. We have wanted to go there for ages and it was well worth the wait, the food, wine and service were fantastic and we shall def be returning there. Last weekend Scarlett came to stay, we had great fun and she really enjoyed playing with Daisy. We took her to the local Wetherspoons for dinner which she loved, she thought it was very grown-up going to the pub for tea!

Have had a busy week making cards, Mother's Day cards to be precise. I made 5 this week all of which have been sold to some of the fella's at work, was very pleased with this as its added some more pennies to my Ally Pally fund although I am still not 100% sure if I will go yet. If I dont go then I shall just save until my next stash shopping trip.

Think thats all for now, I will update again later this weekend with pics of some of the layouts I have done recently.

I have to say its very good to be back on line, long may the new router work!!

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