Another Year Older

Tuesday 3rd August was my 45th birthday although I dont actualy believe I am that age, I still think I am in my late 20's - early 30's!! Yes I know thats extreme wishful thinking on my part but I think we should be allowed to be whatever age we want - LOL!!

Anyway I had a lovely day despite having to go to work and as usual I was throughly spoilt by Tom. I got loads of cards and pressies from my friends and family and amongst my haul of goodies were a new jumper, a radley bag, a jewellery box, earrings, pink champagne and chocolates. The cards and gifts have continued to roll in this week so a BIG thank you to everyone that sent me one, they are all very much appreciated.

I have posted a couple of pics so you can see some of the cards and goodies I received. The box of fairy cakes were from Tom and I can tell you all they were delicious!!


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Sarah said...

Love the cakes :-) and Happy Birthday Jane xxx