The Hob Nob Cup 2011

Last Saturday saw us at the very first Hob Nob Cup, a fun family day organized by my cousin's Maria & Jon and Karen & Peter to raise money for the charity we are all supporting in memory of Hayley.

The Hob Nob cup was, for this year an under 10's football tournament comprising of 3 teams from Hampshire and 1 from Dartford. Maria's son Alex plays for one of the Hampshire Teams (Liphook Dragons) and Jon's son Lewis plays for the Dartford team (Dartford YMCA). It was a fab tournament with some very close played games, however in the end Dartford YMCA won the cup, aided by a penalty which was scored by Lewis. The older 'boys' also had a kick about (Hampshire vs Dartford), this game was just for fun and was splendidly won by the boys from Hampshire, winning goal scored by Hayley's boyfriend Chris. She really must have been watching over us all, the weather was great and her cousin and boyfriend scored winning goals for their teams.

After the football we held a raffle and auction, the proceeds of which will all go to Changing Faces. We managed to raise just over three thousand pounds on the day which is a fantastic amount of money and it will go a long way to helping make a difference to someone's life. That money added to what has already been raised brings us to a grand total of around ten thousand pounds, Hayley would be so proud.

Tomorrow I am off to a crop with my buddy Jules, am hoping to complete at least 3 or 4 layouts. Will be back soon to share them with you.

Hope you all have a good weekend. X x


Sharon said...

Jane, so thrilled you raised such an amazing amount of money in Hayley's memory. I agree she would be very proud. Have a good weekend. XX Love sharon

Clare said...

well done for raising such a fantastic amount of money in Hayleys memory