Create and Craft Rant!!!!

Wow, what a week it was last week.....

I came home on the Monday to finish off a couple of cards that had been ordered. The cards were all made, I just needed to use the Cricut to cut a couple of names for the front of them. However when I tried to use an original cartridge in the machine it said it needed updating which I tried to do but the software would just not install. So I rang C&C and got through to their Customer Services department which happens to be in India. Trying to get them to understand what I was saying was very trying indeed and the only response I could get from them was for it to be collected and for me to wait 14-21 days for a response from them. Anyway to cut a long, frustrating and stressful story short Thursday came and went with no collection, as did Friday!! I eventually gave up on India and found a Customer Services rep in the UK who was more than helpful.

My machine was finally collected this evening and that is the last I will see of Indy the Imagine and C&C have now issued me with a refund as they have no more machines in stock to send to me (not that I would want another one from them). So the search is now on for a new machine....let the shopping commence, just as soon as my refund comes through.

Anyone for an After Eight????

TFL, Jane x x

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Sandra said...

I'm really sorry that you've had a this trouble