Its December!!

Can you believe its December already?? This year has flown past and it hardly seems possible that in 3 weeks time it will be Christmas Eve! How are you all doing with your planning and shopping - are you done yet?

We are now nearly done with our Christmas shopping, just a few more bits and pieces to get and we will be done for another year. We went to Tesco late on Thursday evening to do a food shop so now the cupboards are full of chocolate, biscuits and all sorts of festive treats. Trying very hard to resist them all, at least for a little longer. All we need to do now is collect the fresh stuff on the 23rd and then we can sit back and let the festivities begin.

Last weekend was Scarlett's 7th birthday so we went over Mums for the usual birthday dinner. It was Scarlett's choice on what we would all eat and she chose ham, egg and chips!! Not quite Sunday lunch but a nice change. I have attached a couple of pics of the birthday girl, one with the obligatory chocolate cake.

Going to spend this weekend wrapping up the presents, writing the cards and decorating the to follow.

Have a good weekend everyone. X x

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Sandra said...

Oohhh I'm loving her choice of food :) looks like someone enjoyed her birthday.

The food cupboards are full here to, just behind on the present shopping