Cake and Bakes

Today I went to the Cake Making and Decorating exhibition/show at the Excel centre with my friend Theresa. Cake making has turned into something I am quite enjoying at the moment so I wanted to go along and get a few bits to add to my baking stash. The show was great and we both got loads of inspiration for future baking, there was so much on offer. I was after a cupcake stand and a cake caddy which I managed to get along with some glitters, cupcake cases, sugar paste, cutters and toppers. I probably could have bought loads more but the show was really busy and at times you just couldn't get to see what was on the stands. BY the time we left we were both quite frazzled by all the constant pushing and shoving!! I have attached a couple of pictures of what I bought, am hoping to have a play with these next weekend...
Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to watch George play in his last game of the season, however that may now be called off due to the awful weather and constant rain that we currently have. This afternoon I made some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes to take along with me, but if the game is cancelled it looks like it will just be me and Tom eating them!!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend....I will post again tomorrow to share a couple more layouts with you. TTFN x x

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Sandra said...

Oh my, I'd certainly help you eat them, they look yummy :). I didn't know the show was on, oh I'd love to go to that - maybe next year :)