Birthday Celebrations

Good afternoon blog followers! Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine and blue skies, all we need now is for the temperature to rise and we have Spring!! Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

Last Friday was hubby's birthday and one of his gifts from me was a trip to the top of the Shard. We can actually see the top half of the building from our kitchen window so we have watched it rise and ever since they announced that there would be a viewing platform we have said that we would like to go to the top and take in the views. Leading up to Friday we were a little worried that there would not be much to see due to the rotten weather we have had of late but we needn't have worried as although it was overcast it was nice and clear with no low clouds. There are two levels for you to look out from, one is fully enclosed and one is partially open but both give you outstanding views of London and beyond. I think we will definitely be going back up, maybe at sunset or after dark to see the views in a different lights. Have posted a few pics here for you to see what the View from the Shard is like...

Yesterday we had all the family round for a birthday get together, I spent most of the day cooking and cleaning and generally getting everything ready for the party. I had made some cupcakes and these are what Tom thought were his birthday cakes....little did he know that I had a surprise in store for him!! I had ordered a cake from Del Aziz (a deli/cafe/restaurant/cocktail bar) just across the road from us in Bermondsey Square. I have to say that the cake was amazing and it exceeded all my expectations, it consisted of several layers of sponge all held together with fresh cream, fresh fruit and chocolate frosting. Everyone agreed it was the best cake ever, I have posted a picture for you all to see.

Today I have done nothing more than some washing, a little bit of housework and a couple of pages of Project Life. I promise that I will get some PL pictures to share with you soon. In the meantime, if you like what you see please leave me a comment and a link to your blog and I will pop by for a read and will comment back.

Take care all...Jane xx


AlliR said...

Wow, that cake looks amazing! Happy belated birthday to your hubby. Great views from the Shard, not sure I could do it as I'm not a fan of heights!!

Helena Whitehead said...

Great views and lovely cake! So yummy

Sarah said...

That cake looks awesome!! x x Happy Birthday to Tom x x x

Sandra said...

That cake just looks amazing, I'm guessing not a lot was left lol. I really want to go up the shard, it's on our list, for sure. x

Christina L said...

I hope he had an amazing birthday! :D

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