Time Flies....

Wow, I can't believe that I have not blogged since May, I knew it was a while since I last posted here but I really did not realize it was that long ago.

So here we are over half way through Sept, Summer is over and Autumn here with her darker earlier evenings and cooler weather. So much has happened since I last blogged, more than I can really write about in one post so I will just do a quick summary/brief overview of what we have been up to.

So lets start in June when Tom and I made the trip up to Barnsley to see our godson Max make his first Holy Communion, it was the first time in a very long while that we had been there and it was great to see them all again, and somewhat shocking to see how grown up the children all looked! June is also the month when Tom and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, which was 11 years this year. We treated ourselves to a long weekend break to the New Forest and we stayed at a wonderful little b&b called called Forge Place (www.forgeplace.co.uk), the weather wasn't brilliant but we still managed to get out and visit Monkey World, Lymington and Christchurch. It was a lovely weekend and something that we hope to repeat in 2013.

July saw us celebrate my Mums 70th birthday with a bbq for a few of our closest family and friend. It was a really lovely day, the sun shone all day long so we were able to spend the whole day in the garden. The following day Tom and I flew out to Portugal for a holiday in the sun with our friends Michele and Ray. It was a great holiday, filled with so many great memories and laughter. I really need to get some pictures from all these good times printed off so I can scrap them.

It was my birthday in August and we celebrated with a trip to Bluewater and lunch out. Tom bought me a Kindle Paperwhite, the Nashville DVD box set, flowers and chocolates. The rest of the month seemed to pass in a bit of a blur, it went so fast but one of the best things to happen was we finally got a start date for the works to our kitchen!! The work to fit our new kitchen and rewire the flat started in early September, it was a very tough time and I didn't much enjoy living with all the dust and upheaval but it was so worth it in the end, I just, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen!! I can't really remember how awful it looked before now, all I can see is how wonderful it is now. Last weekend our friends Gina and Ian were in London so we met up with them for a few drinks and something to eat, I paid a quick visit to Ally Pally and we had a walk around the Bermondsey Street Festival, which as usual was great but this year it was just so busy you could hardly see around so we ended up coming home and not hanging around for the later festivities.

Not much crafting has taken place over the last few months, I have kept up to date with Project Life and made a few cards but that's about it. Hopefully now the colder months are on the way and we start to spend more time at home I will get my mojo back along with the motivation to scrap. However as I said earlier I really do need to do a picture order so I have something to scrap.

So it's now 1.15am....I did go to bed but I couldn't sleep so I got up and decided to try and do something that was quietly constructive and I don't think that watching Keeping up with the Kardashians really fits in that category!! Ha, ha (I know its not the best TV but its recently become my guilty pleasure!). Now that I have made this post hopefully I will keep it a little more up to date but first we are off to Vegas next Friday for 6 days, this time we are staying in the Mirage, a new location for us as we normally like to stay in Ceasars Palace. We have read lots of good things about the Mirage so here's hoping they are all true. I cant wait to feel some sun on my skin again and to just chill out for a few days with Tom, as most of you know we are totally addicted to Vegas, it really is our Happy Place and that will be the title of a layout that I do when we come back. Once the holiday is over we have plenty to look forward to, our nephew George will be 18, we have a trip to Scotland planned and of course Christmas will be well on its way!!

Anyway thanks for stopping by to read this post and I promise to try and be a better blogger...

Love and hugs, Jane xx


Joan Rusling said...

Third time lucky posting. Sounds like you have had a lovely summer with lots of fun. Hope it isn't as long before we read from you again.

Sandra said...

What a nice catch up :)