Baking Again

Afternoon all...

Well today has been a lovely day, once again the sun has been shining so I have been able to have the windows open and as Tom has been at work I had a day to myself.

It was a toss up between getting up and and going to the Knitting & Stitching Fair at Olympia or spending the day at home enjoying the peace and quiet. In the end I opted for the day at home as I really didn't fancy the crowds or getting the a day of domestic bliss it was!!

I pottered around doing a few chores before I decided to make some cupcakes, something I haven't done in ages. I was just going to make a batch of plain/vanilla cakes but I got a bit carried away and ended up making a batch of Red Velvet with Vanilla butter-cream frosting and a batch of chocolate with chocolate fudge butter-cream frosting. I was also going to make a white chocolate, raspberry & lime loaf cake but in the end I didn't bother as that would have just been cake overload (especially when you consider there are just two of us at home). Instead I made some mango, chilli and lime chutney using a Jamie Oliver recipe to go with the curries that we are having for dinner tonight. The mango and the chilli were part of this weeks Abel and Cole fruit and veg delivery, we are still loving having the box each week and I love finding new ways of cooking and using up what we have been sent.

Last Saturday Tom took me Sugar and Spice which is located in the Barleylands craft village in Billericay. It was fab to actually go to a real life craft shop, something I dont do very often these day. I did spend a little more than planned but with all that lush stash to choose from it couldnt be helped. There was actually a Farmers Market on last weekend, now this pleased Tom as he does like a FM and this may be a great help when planning for future trips over to Sugar and Spice!! One of the stalls we particually liked was the Spice Queen which sells little pots of dried, mixed spices to make various different curries. We bought three of them try out, a lamb curry, a kidney bean curry (both of which we are going to try out tonight) and a red lentil curry. It seems like a great way to try out some new recipes without buying loads of jars of spices that you only need a tiny amount of and that are likely to go out of date before you even get halfway through the jar.

I have added below a couple of pics of the cakes I made today, thought I would share them with you. Just a shame I cant actually share the cakes with you too...!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely early Spring, lets keep our fingers crossed that it lasts..

Thanks for stopping by my little blog,

Love and hugs, Jane

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