March Already...??

Evening all..

Well here we are, cant believe we are already in March. At least (and my fingers are firmly crossed here) the weather seems to be improving slightly.

Life is plodding along nicely for us, so far so good in 2014!

Last month we had a little break away from work and normal life, we headed to Scotland for a lovely long weekend with our friends Ray and Michele. We stayed at their house for a couple of days before heading over to Prestwick for a couple more days. We had an absolutely wonderful time, it was so good to see them all. We ate, we drank, we shopped, we chatted and generally had a fab time. Whilst we were in Prestwick we stayed at the Northbeach Hotel which overlooked the Prestwick Old Course golf club and was just a short walk from the beach. The weather was very wet, windy and cold which meant we didn't get to go for a walk along the beach. I nipped down there to take a few pictures but it was soooo cold that I didn't hang about!! Have added some pics below for you to see...

One of our new year - new us plans for 2014 was to eat more healthy meals and up our intake of fruit and veg. In an attempt to stick to this we signed up for a weekly fruit and veg delivery. We did some research and opted for Abel and Cole who supply a variety of organic and ethically sourced produce. So far we have had two boxes and we haven't wasted a thing despite getting some more unusual items in our box. The cook books have really been put to use over the last month or so. The picture I have added for you to see is of our first box. Delivery date is Wednesday and its so exciting to come home to such a box of loveliness!!

Thanks for stopping by..

Love and hugs, jane

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Sandra said...

That's a really good idea to have fruit delivered. It makes you eat it, and try and change lifestyles.

Glad you had a great weekend away, fingers crossed the weather keeps getting better x