Happy Easter

Afternoon blogland people...hope you are all well and that you are enjoying this lovely long weekend. I certainly am, its been a total joy to have the extra couple of days off. Could quite get used to this 4 day weekend....and of course the obligitory chocolate that goes with Easter (and yes I do know that Easter isnt just about that!).

Not much has been happening here lately and I certainly havent done too much in the way of crafting, however that is something that has been rectified over the last few days.....thanks to a trip to Ally Pally last weekend for the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show I am now feeling all inspired to be creative. There wasnt a lot of scrapping stuff on offer at Ally Pally, it was mostly dies, masks and stamps but I still managed to get a nice little haul of stash. Of course I had to add to my ever growing stock of Project Life stuff, so much so that I probably have enough stash to PL this life and the next!! I will try and share some pictures of my recent creations in the coming days.

Last weekend was also the London Maraton, the route of which just happens to pass the end of our road. Its a bit of a tradition with us now to watch the start on tv and then stroll along to watch the runners go past. This year the crowds were out in force, I dont think I have seen so many people turn out to marathon watch for a long time, I guess that the nice weather along with Olympic champion Mo Farrah taking part was a big draw for many people. We were in place nice and early to watch the lead men come though and I was really pleased with the pics I got especially as I got a few good ones of Mo..think that I might even scrap some of the pictures this year. I am full of admiration and respect for anyone that takes part in the marathon, its something I know I couldnt do - I just dont have the motivation or stamia. I am sharing with you some of my pics...its amazing that people can run 26 miles dressed as a furry animal, building etc! We even saw someone running with a fridge on his back!!

Right I am off to start munching on my Easter egg, I only got the one this year and its a lovely white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake one from Thorntons....mmmmm chocolate!!

Love and hugs...Jane xx

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