Hello 2016

Hello and Happy New Year to you all...

Wow, cant quite believe this is my first post in nearly 8 months. I have to say time just seemed to run away from me in the second part of last year, we had so much on including my cousins 50th birthday, my 50th birthday and a visit to Buckingham Palace amongst other things. Have added a few pics below....the fab birthday cake was arranged by Tom and it tasted just as good as it looked.

In October we had the holiday to Las Vegas, which was totally amazing. We stayed in the Venetian this time which is the best hotel we have stayed in so far. There were loads of new things for us to see and do this time and in hindsight I wish I had blogged at least a little about it while we were away but I didn't so I will just have to forget about it and move on (although I may come back and do a follow up to my previous Vegas post - you all know how much I love my Vegas LOL!!). For now I have added a few photos of some of our 2016 LV highlights to share with you.

So here we are in a New Year, something that I have started by having my annual healthcare MOT. As I expected I was told that I am overweight and that my cholesterol level is high. Like many others at this time of year I am planning to shed those excess pounds and get myself slimmer, healthier and fitter. As someone who loves her food I know that this isn't going to be an easy task so I plan to blog and journal my journey to try and keep me motivated and on the right track. I am certain that there will be tears and tantrums along the way but with the help of my lovely family, friends and Weight Watchers I know that I will achieve my goal. On the plus side I wont be doing this alone, Tom will be part of this as he wants to acheive the same as me and I will be doing Weight Watchers with my friend Cath who is also going to be my walking buddy. I bought a FitBit last year so that will enable me to keep a track of how many steps I have done each day and to meet at least the 10k minimum.

Anyway today is Friday, so lets have a big yay for the weekend. I shall spend this one enjoying the last of the cheeses etc that are in the fridge before starting on the healthy stuff on Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read, I hope that you all have a good weekend whatever you are doing. Remember to keep your eyes open for
more posts, I will be back!!

Love and hugs, Jane xx


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Sandra said...

I'm glad you're back and blogging again, and good for you joining weight watchers ... Plus it's easier when both are you are doing it too.

I have a fit bit too and LOVE it, you'll get there for sure and I'll be cheering you on xxx