Motivate Me Monday

Here we go, the first day of another week and the first day of my 2016 healthier eating and lifestyle plan. I did my first at home weigh-in this morning and my starting weight is 11st 11lb's. I wasn't entirely shocked by that, I was just disappointed that I have let my weight creep up so much again. Still I have now announced to anyone who will listen that I am going to do something about it this year so I will. I even managed to walk to the station this morning despite hubby's offer of a lift and the impending rain!

I am not usually big on breakfast and if I do grab something on my way into work is usually a cinnamon pastry or an all butter croissant which would be filled to the brim with jam, of course this would be to go with my large skinny latte!! This morning I was determined to bypass these sugar and fat laden treats and go for something that is better for me. The smell of the freshly baked croissants in M&S was enough to tempt even the strongest willed person but I walked on by and bought some fat free yogurt, fruit and porridge. I even skipped Starbucks to make my own coffee at work so that's both lbs and £'s I should start saving. I have to say the porridge wasn't too bad at all, I sweetened it naturally by adding a few blueberries so it was a little more tasty. It actually filled me up a lot more than I thought it would so I saved my banana and yogurt to have as a mid-morning snack or with my lunch. Luckily my colleagues are all being really supportive and have stopped waving the biscuits and chocolates in my direction. Lunches from now on will be healthy salads and soups followed by a filling and nutritious evening meal, my plan is for us to have at least one meat free night a week and to have more fish. I will be digging out all my cook books to find some new recipes for us to try.

As well as using my blog to keep me motivated and on track I am also going to use a journal. I had an old Stampin Up This and That book hanging around so I covered it with some pretty Basic Grey papers and added a title and voila its all ready to go. I honestly cant wait to join Weight Watchers on Wednesday, I am even thinking about starting to go for a little run a couple of times a week, although for now I think I might just stick with the walking!!

Thank you for stopping by and having a read, I love seeing that people have left me a comment. I really want to focus on my blog this year, so with that in mind I thought I would change it up a little bit and start the New Year with a pretty new wallpaper.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


MicheleP said...

Great post Jane. Lovely journal too xx

Sandra said...

Good for you Jane ... I'll be cheering you on for sure