Easter 2016

Evening all, hope you are all well and that you have all had a wonderful Easter. I cant believe its now Easter Monday and that the holiday weekend is almost over. I have to say that its been a pretty good one here with us despite the days prior being full of emergency dentist visits and head colds (both of which I hate having to deal with!).

Good Friday was spent shopping at Bluewater where I treated myself to a new top from the White Stuff sale, some blue suede Converse and a pair of jeans. Afterwards Tom decided to treat us to a bite to eat and after much deliberation we opted for our favorite which is tapas. We used to have a great local Spanish restaurant but sadly they closed a few years back and as yet we haven't found anywhere to rival the food, service and atmosphere that we used to get at Rebatos. However last year we tried Tapas Revolution which is located in the Bluewater shopping mall and we were pleasantly surprised. The food is really good and the service is great too, there is only a certain amount of atmosphere as you are in the middle of a shopping mall but it does the trick now now when we need a fix of all things Spanish. We came home and spent the evening watching our old Vegas DVD's whilst trying to decide on where to go next year on our American road-trip. At the moment we are torn between doing Tennessee or Route 66.....think there will be lots more research and investigations needed before we can come to a final decision.

On Saturday we did a little bit of food shopping and then chilled out for a few hours at home as we were off to Toms sisters house for a evening of Mexican fun. It was a good night, we all had sombreo's and fake mustaches to wear and Linda had cooked up a whole load of chili con carne, nachos, fajitas plus there were tequila slammers and margarita's on tap. Luckily as Tom was driving we managed to avoid the alcohol,however the same cant be said for the rest of the guests...I am sure there were a whole lot of sore heads yesterday morning. We left them dancing around the conservatory knocking back shots of whatever they could find!!

Easter Sunday came far too early for my liking, who's idea was it to put the clocks forward this weekend???!!. We had my family over for the day so I prepared a nice big buffet and made some chocolate Easter cupcakes. I used to bake a lot but had kind of given up till I was given a Kitchen Aid a few months ago. Since them my passion has been re-ignited and I am happy spending time in the kitchen baking up all sorts of things. Below is a picture of the cakes I made. I even experimented with some molds to make the little fondant flowers and dog.

Today has been a much more sedate affair. After a little lie in I have spent the most part of today in my craft room. I made two cards, one for a friend who is getting married tomorrow and one for our new neighbors who came to introduce themselves on Saturday. I had a little tidy of my room, put some layouts away and managed these three below.

This one is for our Vegas 2015 album and the pictures are of our room in the Venetian Resort and Casino. The papers are from the Bo Bunny Star Crossed collection.

The next one features a picture of my friend Sarah and I last year in Trafalgar Square, just before Christmas. Sarah came to stay with us for the weekend and join Tom and I on our annual walk around London to see the Christmas lights. It was a lovely evening that was made even more entertaining by us seeing hundreds of people dressed up as Santa (most of whom were very, very drunk).The papers I used for this are some very old SEi ones, they have been in my stash for years and years......yay to me finally using them!! I added some gems and a Prima swirl to make it sparkle a little.

Finally the last one for today is a picture of my lovely little Daisy dog. The papers and embellishments are all by Prima, to be honest I wasn't really sure about these papers at first but I really like how this has come out.The 'Princess' title which fits perfectly with the page is another old item, its a Jolees embellishment that I picked on one of our first trips to Vegas I think. 

So that's it, Easter is almost over but its another short week for us this week as  we are off to the New Forest for a few days. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Jane xx



jill said...

I love the little cupcakes Jane & the little dog is so cute, well done for making her. so good lo's also.

sue jones said...

aww Sorry about the dentist and head cold. The rest of the weekend sounds great though. I love your pages they are all lovely. I love those cupcakes and the fondant decorations. Have a good week.xx

Sandra said...

Oh dear, I do hope you're better and better to get the colds out of the way now ready for the week away.

Sounds like a lovely Easter and gorgeous layouts. I haven't been to Bluewater in ages

Chidkid said...

Fantastic layouts..I especially like The Princess.
I live in Kent so go to Bluewater regularly but haven't tried the Tapas there.
Cupcakes were great. Where in SE London do you live? My DH is a firefighter in Eltham and I wondered if it was near there?

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thank you. We are in Bermondsey, SE London...a stones throw from Tower Bridge. Whereabouts in Kent are you? My parents live in Orpington.

Kirsteen said...

Wow - your cakes look amazing! The Mexican night sounds like a lot of fun too. I'm not too trilled about the clocks springing forward either.