Something to Smile About

Thought I would pop by and do a quick post tonight to share my latest Weight Watchers weigh in.

The previous week wasn't brilliant as far as I was concerned as despite sticking to plan religiously I only lost half a pound. Now I know that is still good as it was a loss but I was a little disappointed as I had hoped for more. In hindsight I know that I probably hadn't eaten enough, I hadn't eaten all my daily points and I had barely touched my weeklies plus I had upped the amount I walk each day so I guess my calories in vs calories out was quite unbalanced. Anyway this week I was determined that my loss would be more, so I made sure that I was having all my dailies as well as having some of my weeklies. I even had a naughty slice of cake at my Mums on Mothers Day and a lovely home cooked roast dinner. I was keeping everything crossed for the WW scales tonight and am happy to report that my loss was a fab two and a half pounds which brings me to a total loss of thirteen and a half pounds!! I am so pleased with that result, this week my goal is to get at least half a pound to reach my first stone and get another silver 7 sticker for my weight loss chart.

I am so happy and totally motivated to carry on and get where I want to be. I can't believe how easy Weight Watchers is, I really love the whole ethos of the plan. Its not just about losing weight, its about achieving a healthier lifestyle and having a more positive outlook on life. Tonight's after class talk was all about positivity, we were encouraged to feel good about ourselves no matter how big or small our weight loss has been. We were also told that we should try and take at least 5 minutes each day to focus on something good and do something for yourself that makes you smile and feel good. It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy, just the simple things in life like finding an outfit that didn't fit but now does, hearing your favorite song on the radio or just getting 5 mins peace and quite to sit and have a cuppa.

So whats making me smile right now you might ask? Well the answer to that is Thursday is the new Friday for me this week as I am taking a days annual leave to go shopping and have lunch with my fab friend (and WW buddy) Cathy. When we started the plan we decided that we would set little goals and that when we reached them we would 'treat' ourselves. My first goal was to get below 11 stone which I finally achieved last night. So hurry up Friday and bring on the shopping and prosecco!!

Hope you are all having a good week.......and please try to make sure that you find a little something in every day that makes you smile. Time is precious and life is far too short to focus on the negative stuff.

Love and hugs, Jane xx



jill said...

A big well done Jane on the weight loss no wonder your smiling to yourself. Keep up the good work & have a lovely time shopping with your friend.

Sandra said...

Well done and have a fabulous long weekend xx