Planner Love

I am a girl who loves a diary and a note book, I am forever buying them as I cannot get by without a list of some sort. I love to be organized and writing things down is for me the only way I can remember what I need to do/where I need to go etc. I always have at least one notebook in my handbag!!

Back in the Summer of 2015 I started hearing a lot about planners and after seeing one in real life I bought my first one, it was a spiral bound 18 month Erin Condron one and I loved it. Yes it was big and chunky but I liked the way it was laid out as well as being able to pretty it up by changing covers, adding stickers and snap in to do lists etc. I bought tons of sticks and for the 12 months or so I used it religiously but after a while I started to become bored with it, mostly because I started to feel restricted by the fact that I couldn't actually add any proper pages/dividers/pockets etc. I knew at that point that I wouldn't get another EC one for 2017. The love affair was over and it was time to move on.

I did some research via You Tube, Pinterest etc on the various planners available (boy there are a lot to choose from!!) and having seen a friends Simple Stories Reset Girl one which was ring bound I knew this was the type I wanted to go for. After much debate and thinking I opted for a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner.....and I chose the cream and gold version which you can see below. Its so beautiful inside, Heidi Swapp has the most fabulous style and products, I love her stuff so much. It came with all the inserts you need to get you started, a full diary that you date yourself along with monthly calender's, note pages and some clear pockets that you can add journalling cards, pictures or memorabilia too. I love the flexibility of this planner and I have since bought some more pocket pages and dividers to use and make it look even prettier. I also bought a set of coloured pens from John Lewis and a zipper pouch from Etsy. I love this little pouch as it holds all my pens and stickers and because its on an elasticated band it holds the planner together nicely. There is a link here to the seller I used. My planner lives in a little basket by the side of the sofa and I am forever updating it and adding bits to it - I don't think I could live without it now, I am a planner junkie! lol

I don't just have my Heidi Swapp planner though, oh no....I also have a pocket diary that I carry around with me plus I have a Cath Kidston 2017 dairy that hubby bought me for Christmas. Its not something I asked for, he just picked it out as he knew I would like it and although I didn't think at first I would need it I am finding that it works perfectly alongside my planner for additional notes, reminders etc. To be honest the CK one is being used more as a daily diary and the HS is being used as a more simplified version of Project Life. Anyway they all serve a purpose and I wouldn't be without any of them!!

The latest addition to my planner family is this pink leather ring bound folder that I bough in the Paperchase sale. It came with a 2016 diary but I just binned that as I had other plans for this baby! As I mentioned in a previous post we are off to LA and Vegas later this year, and as is the norm for a holiday like this I usually have a notebook full of all the details along with lists, plans, addresses etc. I take this book away with us and I use it to record our adventures and hold any little bits of memorabilia. However I decided that this time around I would like to do a travel journal/planner, all I needed in addition to the folder were some inserts which I managed to find on Etsy, link to them here.(I do love that site). There were a lot to choose from but once I found the ones that suited me best I promptly set about ordering, downloading and printing them off. All I need to do now is start writing everything up. I am pretty sure that this one will end up on the large side as I plan to use it as a mini scrapbook, I will keep receipts, ticket stubs etc in it and I will probably add a few pictures too.

Do you have any planners? I would love to know what you have and how you use them?

Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you could leave me a comment and a link back to your blog.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


misteejay said...

Lovely collection of planners/diaries.
Kerryanne English at the Shabby Art Boutique has some free downloads for planner pages that are very pretty.
Toni xx

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thanks for the heads up Toni, I will check those pages out. xx

Sandra said...

I'm a im a huge huge planner fan and have recently got into bullet journalling. I did have a Heidi swapp planner which I loved, as like you I love her ideas, but I found it restricting as I needed a different punch (I also had a Filofax which is used since forever, so had their punch). Last year Simon bought me the reset girl one by simple stories. Oh my word, I'm in love lol. Oh and I'm also love my travellers notebook ... Yes, I'm an obsessive person lol xxx