Weight Watchers - One Year On

Well its now been a year since I started my regime to become fitter, healthier and and ultimately slimmer. It has gone so fast, certainly doesn't feel like its been a year but what a year its been.

I started with Weight Watchers after a routine health check up with the nurse up at my GP's practice. I knew that they would tell me I was a little overweight and I was prepared for that, what I wasn't prepared for was the way I was actually spoken to by the nurse. She basically called me fat, lazy and unhealthy and I left the practice totally disgusted with myself. By the time I arrived at my office I was in tears (not the best situation when you work with an all male team who's idea of cheering me up was to suggest having a biscuit!!) and I was feeling totally down in the dumps - what a great way to start the new year. After sniffling and weeping my way through most of the morning a wave of determination came over me and I started thinking of ways I could lose some weight. I looked at various slimming aids and faddy diets but I soon realized that the best way to tackle this was by being sensible about what I was eating and making a bit more effort to be more active and that's when I thought I would give a Slimming Club a try. Luckily for me there was a Weight Watchers a class just a short walk from home so that seemed like the perfect choice, plus I had a friend had joined the week before who I could buddy up with. The first meeting was fantastic and I came away so motivated and inspired, this was not a 'fad' diet plan that would be difficult to maintain, this was a healthier lifestyle that would allow me to eat what I wanted as long as I stayed within my daily/weekly points allowance. Wow a diet that still let me have a few glasses of wine at the weekend - whats not to love!!

The first week I lost 4.5lbs and I was over the moon with that, after that things ticked along nicely and I continued to lose weight at a steady pace. I did have a few weeks where I didn't lose anything and I also had a few weeks where I had a gain but usually there would a reason for that like holidays, special occasions etc. I used my Weight Watchers app to track and record what I was eating and drinking and I was constantly scanning bar codes to see how many points there were in foods. I started menu planning and sticking to that and slowly but surely as the weight came off I started to feel the benefits. I was walking every day and going a lot further and faster without getting sweaty and out of breath, my back didn't ache after walking and my clothes were loose. For the first time in my life I started to look in the mirror and like what I was seeing - plus people were telling me that I looked good and that they could see I had lost weight. Shopping for clothes was no longer a nightmare experience, and by the Summer I had dropped 2 dress sizes - that was and still is a wonderful feeling. I even bought a red fitted dress for the work Christmas party, something the old larger me never would have done!

So here I am a year down and line and I am now 2 stone lighter than I was this time last year. I had a small gain of 1.5lbs over Christmas but despite getting back on track and being on plan I only managed to maintain rather than lose for the next few weeks. Last week was a bad week as I went to weigh in expecting a loss but when I got another maintain I fell apart and burst into tears. I started questioning WW and debating why was I bothering etc, etc but after a long hard look at how far I had come and what I had achieved I picked myself up and re-focused. I am happy to report that at this mornings weigh in I had a small loss of .5lb, its not much I know but its a step in the right direction and has fired me up once again to get to my goal weight. I want to lose one more stone and if that takes another year then so be it, I know I can do it and I will do it! I have a wonderful husband and network of family and friends around me who will kick my butt when needed but who also inspire and support me on every step of this journey. If it wasn't for Weight Watchers I know I wouldn't have got this far without falling off a diet wagon and for that I will be eternally grateful, the members of the group I go to support each other no matter what kind of week you have had and there is always someone on hand who will help and inspire you to continue.

I can and I will achieve my goal because this girl can!

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Love and hugs, Jane x


misteejay said...

You have done so well - congratulations.
I sometimes wonder about the folk in the health profession as they don't always think before they speak.
Toni xx

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thank you x

Sandra said...

You've done incredibly well and you should be so so proud of yourself xx

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thank you Sandra x