Changing it Up

Well its certainly been a long time since I last blogged hasn't it? Its not that I haven't wanted to its more that I didn't feel it was worth it. I have no idea how many people my blog reaches and as I only seem to get one or two comments per post I started to question whether it was worth the time and effort. Plus I began to feel that my blog lacks a certain amount of direction. When I first started I knew where I wanted to go as my blogging was all about crafting with the odd random catch up post here and there. Things have changed a fair bit since then and I do still craft (but not to the extent that I used to) which is why I kind of feel stuck blog wise as I am unsure of what to post and who to aim it at. I love reading other blogs, especially creative, beauty, travel and lifestyle ones and I think that's the kind of way I would like to go but I am not sure how to go about that and how to attract more readers. But is that something I should even be worrying about?? At the end of the day this is my blog, it's my outlet for writing about the things I like and that make me happy.

Anyway I am willing to give this a shot so I have started by revamping the colour scheme and layout, having spent a lot of time looking at other blogs over the last few weeks I have decided that simple and elegant is the way forward. I think it still needs a little tweaking here and there and its going to be a work in progress for a little while so watch this space.

I would love to know what you think, and if you have any hints or tips please feel free to pass them on, it would be much appreciated.

Love and Hugs,

Jane xx


misteejay said...

Hi Jane, love the pretty new look.
Blogging shouldn't become a chore so just go with the flow and see what comes to mind. Don't be too ridged with how often you post - sometimes you may do a few in a week, other times it may just be a few a month. Perhaps you could share your thoughts on some products or techniques that you have tried as folk are often glad to get 'second opinions' about stuff before they give it a go. The main thing with a blog is to enjoy....
Toni xx

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thank you Toni. I have a little notebook in my bag where I am going to list ideas and inspiration for future posts. I think I will also do what you suggested in that I wont try to be too rigid on when I post - watch this space!

Jane xx