Weekend in Review - 20th/21st May 2017

So here we are, another weekend has past and we are now into the final countdown for our holiday! We have officially reached the -7 day mark, woo hoo!!

I went for my pre-holiday hair cut on Friday, the dead ends and overly long fringe are now gone and my locks are looking lovely and sleek again. I just need to give myself a rinse of colour and I will be good to go. It was great to see my hairdresser John, especially as he has just got engaged. The wedding is next year and I am already looking forward to it!

On Saturday our team, Millwall were playing at Wembley in the League One playoff final. I decided not to go to the game but Tom went along with my cousins and our nephew and niece. They all met for pre game drinks so I popped along to have a quick one with them before they all headed off. It was a great game and it was pretty close but luckily the Lions won 1-0 so are now promoted to the Championship - happy days!
It was lovely to see everyone, we don't get together often enough due to us all living so far apart. Hopefully though we can get something organized for this year.

While Tom was out I started sorting my clothes and picking out what I am taking on holiday. I have tried to pack lightly and make 'outfits' that can be mixed and matched to suit day through to night. I bought some packing cubes from Groupon to use after seeing a picture that a friend had posted of her using them. Now I have to say when they first arrived I was rather skeptical as they looked a little on the small side and rather flimsy. However I am extremely impressed as I have managed to fit everything in!! They are certainly a great way to keep and make your packing/un-packing organized, plus having everything folded neatly into this bags means nothing moves about or gets squished.

I managed to finish another baby C2C (corner to corner) blanket. This one is heading up to Scotland for a friends Grandson. He already has one of my blankets and apparently loves it, hope this one is as big a hit! I really do enjoy making these blankets, they are so simple and easy to create and they seem to crochet up in no time at all.

I did a little blog hopping last week and found a few new ones that I like so I have added these to my side bar and will make sure that I check them out regularly. What are your fave blogs, do you stick to one 'type' or do you like to mix it up a bit?

Anyway I hope that you all had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by to read, I really do appreciate it and I love it when I get a comment.

Love and hugs,

Jane xx


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