Our Amazing Holiday Part 1 - Travel Day

Well here I am sat back at home with a massive case of the post holiday blues. However I have a ton of memories and over 600 photos to share (some of which are on FB and Insta if you missed them) and scrap. We had the most amazing holiday - ever! From start to finish there was not one thing that we didn't enjoy this time. Nothing upset us and nothing made us sad apart from the day we finally had to pack up and come home. So here I go with post number 1 of  however many it takes for me to detail all the places we went to and the things that we did.

Our departure started bright and early on Sunday 28th May. As we didn't want to worry and/or have to deal with public transport we booked a Addison Lee to collect us from home and take us to Heathrow. Our driver arrived promptly and as it was early we soon made it across London to the airport. We went straight in to terminal 3 to find the Virgin Atlantic check in desks right in front of us and as an added bonus there were no queues! There was a slight moment of apprehension as the belt that takes your cases to their departure point didn't want to work but after just a few minutes they chugged into life and our bags disappeared into the depths of the airport. Now it was time to face the dreaded security gates, I know these are in place for a reason but I hate all the bag emptying, shoe taking off etc, etc. Anyway despite there being quite a queue it actually didn't take long to get through and have ourselves and our hand luggage scanned. With that chore over it was time for some fun, for me no holiday can start without a little duty free shopping. We both treated ourselves - I got a bottle of Burberry Body Tender perfume, a Dior foundation and a Longchamp shopping tote (Tom got some Hugo Boss aftershave).

We mooched around the rest of the shops before plotting up at Strada for a drink and a bite to eat before the flight. By now it was probably only around 8am but what the heck, we were going on holiday so it was a pint for himself and a prosecco for me. Anyway it would be 5 o'clock somewhere!!

Before too long our gate was announced so off we trundled. Now usually you get to the gate and then have to sit around for a while before you are called to board, not this time though literally as soon as we walked through we were told we could board. Woo hoo, straight on and in our Premium Economy seats within 5 mins and for those that are interested our flying gal was Lucy in the Sky. The flight time was around 11 hours and I have to say it went pretty quickly, I watched a film (American Pastoral - very good but a little dark) and listened to some music (mostly Chris Young who is my fave American Country singer) and I even managed a little bit of sleep.

We were quick off the plane when we landed in LA but we soon hit a massive queue for immigration, there must have been a few flights all come in at the same time as there were hundreds of people waiting to be checked and only about 2 desks open! That's not exactly the all American customer service and welcome you usually get. Anyway after what seemed like forever we were through, collected our cases and in our hire car and on the way to Marina del Rey. We had arrived which meant the holiday could finally begin. Happy Days.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Part 2 will follow shortly.

Love and hugs, Jane x


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misteejay said...

Queues can be a real pain. At least you got through and on your way.
Toni xx