Craft Room Update

Finally I have my new desk all set up and in place and I love it. There was a slight hiccup which delayed proceedings in that when Tom unpacked the desk to assemble it there was a chunk missing from the top. He phoned the supplier and they arranged for a replacement piece to be sent out ASAP but in the meantime he put everything else together so that I could start to fill the drawers and cupboard space etc. As soon as the new top arrived Tom fitted it and I started to arrange my work space. It took me a few days to get it just right but I think its now as I want it.

We moved some other bits about to make the room a little less 'cluttered' looking and to give me some more space to work in. I think that it works really well like this and I cant wait to get started and use my desk for some crafting time.
I am seriously planning to streamline my stash and only keep what I know I will use. I have far too much stuff that I no I will never use so its time to be brutal and have a cull. Watch this space for updates.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


October Week 2

Well that was a pretty good week, finally feeling back to normal health meant I had more energy to get on and do/deal with stuff.

On Tuesday of last week we headed to the O2 to see a American Country band called Lady Antebellum. They are one of our favourite groups who we were also lucky enough to see a couple of years ago at the London C2C festival. It was a great show, they sang loads of stuff from their new album as well as a ton of their back catalogue, by the time it was over I was hoarse from singing so much. I did take my camera as I knew we had good seats and I wanted to try and get some decent pics but what I forgot to do was charge the camera, doh!! - what a rookie error. So apologies for the poor quality of below pic but I had to revert to the trusty old iPhone.
On Saturday morning Tom and I headed over to the Savoy hotel to meet our friend Eileen for a coffee. Eileen lives in New York but she was visiting London as part of work trip laid on by one of her clients. Due to her pretty jam packed schedule we only had about an hour to say hello but we made the most of our time by chatting non-stop and making plans to meet up next year when we are in Florida.
After we left Eileen we decided to walk home along the Southbank. It was a beautiful day so we just strolled along taking in all the sights before stopping for a few bits and pieces at Borough Market. We got some mussels for dinner which I cooked Spanish style with tomatoes, onion, garlic and white wine. They were delicious, really plump and juicy and so tasty. Oh and very healthy too!
On Sunday I had a Scentsy party at my friend Nicci's house. All went very well despite that fact that I don't have a ton of warmers to show off. Everyone seemed very impressed with the products and the wax bars and I made enough in sales for Nicci to get her host reward and for me to stay active for at least another 3 months.
In other news my new desk arrived - yay! I will save the story of that and the pictures for another post.

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Love and hugs, Jane xx


October Week 1

Well the cough and cold didn't lift so I gave in and got a doctors appointment to get it checked out. I ended up with a course of antibiotics which have now kicked in and are helping to see this virus off. Once I was home from work most evenings were spent doing a little crochet, updating my planner and catching up on You Tube videos. Tom was out with the lads on Friday night so I had a lovely peaceful evening to myself - unfortunately it didn't last and I ended up not getting the best nights sleep due to the beer infused snore monster sleeping next to me! lol

As I was still feeling a little under the weather I cancelled my plans to go to the Cake Show at Londons ExCel centre over the weekend and instead stayed home to just potter about and take it easy. It was just what I needed to be honest and I am now, finally, beginning to feel a lot better.

Saturday was spent tidying my desk area a little as it was a total mess with all sorts of bits and pieces dumped on and around it. I also went though my Christmas stash and got rid of a lot of old and useless stickers and scraps of paper etc. I can assure you that my desk space looked a lot better than this when I had finished.
On Saturday evening we went out for an Indian meal, for the first time in a long while we decided to try somewhere different to our usual Tower Tandoori. We were recommended Indian Fusion on Tower Bridge and although the service was a little slow (in their defence the restaurant was very busy) it was a great meal. The food was delicious and the menu had so much more than just the usual tikka's and jalfrezi's. We will definitely be going back there again.

Sunday was another leisurely day, I put some diced lamb, veggies and Moroccan spices in the slow cooker as I didn't fancy the hassle of making a roast dinner. The resulting casserole was a big hit and is something that I will be making again in the coming months. I love using my slow cooker, it just makes life so easy as you can pretty much chuck anything in to make a one pot wonder meal.

I made four Christmas cards using the stamps that I bought at Ally Pally, they are all very simple but I think they are quite effective. Just need to make a few more now, luckily the colouring on these is very simple as its pretty much just a handful of the same colours for each image.

I haven't been happy with my desk/craft space for a while now, the corner style really isn't working for me anymore. I have been looking desks on line and yesterday I finally took the plunge and ordered the one below. Its due to be delivered within the next week or so, I really cant wait for it to arrive so I can get my room re-arranged and set up again.
I hope you have all had a good week and weekend. As always thanks for stopping by and reading.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


Spain 2017

Well that's us home from a lovely relaxing week in Spain, unfortunately I took my cough/cold virus with me and bought it home again but I did my best not to let it spoil the trip. We stayed on the Costa del Sol on an urbanization called Las Gardenias which is located between San Pedro and Estepona. We have been holidaying in this part of Spain for 16 years now, in fact we have been here so many times that I no longer have any idea on just how many visits we have made, its the place we like to call our home from home. We stayed in a lovely apartment that belongs to a friend of ours, below is a couple of pictures of the view from our terrace and the apartment from the pool. It was the perfect place to sit back and relax as its a really quiet place. The area is a mix of locals, ex pats and holiday makers and everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Its such a nice place to go for a relaxing break and there are plenty of places to eat, drink and shop all within walking distance.
The weather was fabulous for the most part was beautiful, warm enough for shorts and t-shirts and to sunbath and swim but not so hot it was unbearable. Even the evenings were warm enough not to need
any kind of cardigan or jacket.

As I wasn't feeling the best we didn't do too much, however that was always the plan anyway. We paid a visit to the Saturday market in Puerto Banus which is the biggest and by far the best on the coast in my opinion. I got a couple of tops, a linen dress and a lovely woollen wrap for the Winter and Tom got a couple of belts. After the shopping we went for lunch in our fave restaurant in Banus which is called Picasso, if you are ever there just look for the queue and you will know you have found it! Its the best pizza ever and its a place that we always make a point of going to when we are out there. We followed that with a wander around the port to look at all the amazing super yachts. Oh how I would love to go aboard one of these to see if the inside is just as fabulous as the outside.
We also paid a visit to Marbella where we had a walk along the seafront and around the beautiful Orange Square. We always spend at least one morning or afternoon just wandering about the narrow flower laden streets, the Old Town is so pretty and is full of all sorts of quaint shops and boutiques. There are also plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to tempt your taste buds. The stretch of pedestrianised seafront which is also known as the Paseo Maritimo covers about 6kms and you can walk all the way from Marbella into Banus, you can also get a boat if you don't fancy the walk. There are loads of bars and restaurants along the way and if your lucky you will get to see the amazing creations from the sandman who has been there on pretty much every visit we have made.
For the most part of the week we just relaxed, sat in the sun and generally chilled out. This is the kind of lifestyle that we love. Lots of lovely lunches on the terrace followed by a siesta and then dinner and drinks in a nearby restaurant/bar. One day when the big lottery win comes in we will buy a place here and spend as much time out here as we possibly can, it really is our happy place.
So that's all our holidays for 2017 now over, we are now on the countdown for the big one in Nov 2018!!

Thanks for stopping by, love and hugs as always....

Jane xx