Craft Room Update

Finally I have my new desk all set up and in place and I love it. There was a slight hiccup which delayed proceedings in that when Tom unpacked the desk to assemble it there was a chunk missing from the top. He phoned the supplier and they arranged for a replacement piece to be sent out ASAP but in the meantime he put everything else together so that I could start to fill the drawers and cupboard space etc. As soon as the new top arrived Tom fitted it and I started to arrange my work space. It took me a few days to get it just right but I think its now as I want it.

We moved some other bits about to make the room a little less 'cluttered' looking and to give me some more space to work in. I think that it works really well like this and I cant wait to get started and use my desk for some crafting time.
I am seriously planning to streamline my stash and only keep what I know I will use. I have far too much stuff that I no I will never use so its time to be brutal and have a cull. Watch this space for updates.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


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