October Week 1

Well the cough and cold didn't lift so I gave in and got a doctors appointment to get it checked out. I ended up with a course of antibiotics which have now kicked in and are helping to see this virus off. Once I was home from work most evenings were spent doing a little crochet, updating my planner and catching up on You Tube videos. Tom was out with the lads on Friday night so I had a lovely peaceful evening to myself - unfortunately it didn't last and I ended up not getting the best nights sleep due to the beer infused snore monster sleeping next to me! lol

As I was still feeling a little under the weather I cancelled my plans to go to the Cake Show at Londons ExCel centre over the weekend and instead stayed home to just potter about and take it easy. It was just what I needed to be honest and I am now, finally, beginning to feel a lot better.

Saturday was spent tidying my desk area a little as it was a total mess with all sorts of bits and pieces dumped on and around it. I also went though my Christmas stash and got rid of a lot of old and useless stickers and scraps of paper etc. I can assure you that my desk space looked a lot better than this when I had finished.
On Saturday evening we went out for an Indian meal, for the first time in a long while we decided to try somewhere different to our usual Tower Tandoori. We were recommended Indian Fusion on Tower Bridge and although the service was a little slow (in their defence the restaurant was very busy) it was a great meal. The food was delicious and the menu had so much more than just the usual tikka's and jalfrezi's. We will definitely be going back there again.

Sunday was another leisurely day, I put some diced lamb, veggies and Moroccan spices in the slow cooker as I didn't fancy the hassle of making a roast dinner. The resulting casserole was a big hit and is something that I will be making again in the coming months. I love using my slow cooker, it just makes life so easy as you can pretty much chuck anything in to make a one pot wonder meal.

I made four Christmas cards using the stamps that I bought at Ally Pally, they are all very simple but I think they are quite effective. Just need to make a few more now, luckily the colouring on these is very simple as its pretty much just a handful of the same colours for each image.

I haven't been happy with my desk/craft space for a while now, the corner style really isn't working for me anymore. I have been looking desks on line and yesterday I finally took the plunge and ordered the one below. Its due to be delivered within the next week or so, I really cant wait for it to arrive so I can get my room re-arranged and set up again.
I hope you have all had a good week and weekend. As always thanks for stopping by and reading.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


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