October Week 2

Well that was a pretty good week, finally feeling back to normal health meant I had more energy to get on and do/deal with stuff.

On Tuesday of last week we headed to the O2 to see a American Country band called Lady Antebellum. They are one of our favourite groups who we were also lucky enough to see a couple of years ago at the London C2C festival. It was a great show, they sang loads of stuff from their new album as well as a ton of their back catalogue, by the time it was over I was hoarse from singing so much. I did take my camera as I knew we had good seats and I wanted to try and get some decent pics but what I forgot to do was charge the camera, doh!! - what a rookie error. So apologies for the poor quality of below pic but I had to revert to the trusty old iPhone.
On Saturday morning Tom and I headed over to the Savoy hotel to meet our friend Eileen for a coffee. Eileen lives in New York but she was visiting London as part of work trip laid on by one of her clients. Due to her pretty jam packed schedule we only had about an hour to say hello but we made the most of our time by chatting non-stop and making plans to meet up next year when we are in Florida.
After we left Eileen we decided to walk home along the Southbank. It was a beautiful day so we just strolled along taking in all the sights before stopping for a few bits and pieces at Borough Market. We got some mussels for dinner which I cooked Spanish style with tomatoes, onion, garlic and white wine. They were delicious, really plump and juicy and so tasty. Oh and very healthy too!
On Sunday I had a Scentsy party at my friend Nicci's house. All went very well despite that fact that I don't have a ton of warmers to show off. Everyone seemed very impressed with the products and the wax bars and I made enough in sales for Nicci to get her host reward and for me to stay active for at least another 3 months.
In other news my new desk arrived - yay! I will save the story of that and the pictures for another post.

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Love and hugs, Jane xx


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