Day Twenty Four - Christmas Eve.

Sorry its late but here is the last post of Blogmas 2017.

Sunday 24th December 2017.

Finally Dec 24th had arrived - yay, my most favourite day of the year was here. I actually like Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day, I love getting to the point where no more can be done or bought and its all about sitting back and waiting for the big day to arrive. The anticipation of what's to come always fills me with so much joy and I love the look of the tree when the lights are twinkling and the presents are piled up underneath. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.
We were both awake bright and early so we got up and made the most of the time by getting on with the last of the housework, got to have a nice clean home for Christmas. My cousin Ian popped in for a little while which was really nice as I hadn't seen him for ages. He came bearing goodies too, a whole load of craft stuff that he managed to salvage for me from a house clearance he had recently been working on. I was most distressed to learn that a lot more had been dumped at the tip but I totally understand that he had a job to do and that as a lot of it was lying around loose so it just had to be bagged and binned. Once the new year is here I will have a good look at what he got for me and maybe I will even start to use it!

After Ian left we had some lunch and watched another film then we popped out with Daisy for a little walk before coming home and getting bathed and into PJ's/comfy's for the evening. Another tradition of mine is to always have new PJ's for Christmas Eve, this years were from Next and had cute Winter animals on. We took our annual picture in front of the tree pic and then curled up on our sofas to enjoy the night - complete with a bottle of fizz! We were both tired due to the early start so we were in bed before Midnight and despite sleeping soundly I am sure at some point I heard those sleigh bells ringing.
So there we are Blogmas 2017 is now complete. A little later than anticipated but hey sometimes life happens and you just need to get on and do what you got to do. I am pleased that I did it but I am not sure I would do it again next year, maybe I will do something similar but with weekly or bi-weekly updates as opposed to daily ones. Let me know if you did Blogmas and what your thoughts are on it.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all lots of health and happiness for 2018. Thank you for your support and comments over this last year, I am looking forward to sharing more with you all next year. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.

Love and hugs, Jane xx

Blogmas 2017 Day Twenty Three - An apology and a catch up.

Saturday 30th December 2017.

So it appears that my attempt at Blogmas didn't quite go as planned and I totally lost my way with the last couple of days. To be honest I just got caught up with all my Christmas planning and prepping and the last thing on my mind was blogging. I will attempt to catch up before the year is out, below is my post for Dec 23rd and I will do another one for Christmas Eve.

Saturday 23rd December.
Our Tesco delivery was booked for between 9 and 10am as I wanted to get it all sorted and put away bright and early. Being the day before Christmas Eve I was honestly expecting it to be a little late but it was the complete reverse as the van arrived at 8.55! Fab, shopping all unpacked and away by 9.30am. We spent the next couple of hours pottering about and doing some housework before we got ourselves ready and headed up into London to see the sights and pick up the final couple of Christmas presents. We went to Fortnum and Mason to get a jar of stilton for my Dad and then we made our way over to the Prince Edward theatre to get Scarlett the Aladdin snow globe that she had asked for. The West End was a little busy but nowhere near as busy as we had expected it to be. We walked down to Trafalgar Square to see the tree and then we walked through to Covent Garden where we caught the bus home.
We stopped off at the B Street Deli for something to eat and a couple of festive drinks. It was so very quiet in there, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. As is usual we had one of their cheese and meat platters and it was fab,so delicious. The new manager came over and had a long chat with us, a really nice chap who we are looking forward to seeing a whole lot more in the New Year. We are going to try and visit a little more often but at different times so we can try brunch and coffee and cake.
Thanks for stopping to read and apologies again for not keeping up with Blogmas.

Love and hugs, Jane x

Blogmas 2017 Days Twenty One and Twenty Two - Out of Office is on

Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December 2017.

After a very quiet week that's me now done with work for this year, although I do have my laptop at home in case I am needed to do anything in an emergency. I actually finished at lunchtime which was really nice, Tom came and met me and we did a little bit of food shopping in M&S before heading home. Canary Wharf was pretty busy this afternoon, lots of people rushing around to get their last bits and pieces of shopping and lots of people who had obviously taken their children to work.

Daisy went for her Christmas groom today and this time she went back to Holly and Lil. They are expensive but they do such a great job, she always looks and smells so fantastic when she comes home. I managed to get a few snaps of her under the tree this evening, one of which is below for you to see. I will try and get some more tomorrow when the light is better and when she has one of her nice collars on.
Day Twenty One of my advent calendar was a Balance Me Rose Otto face oil. It smells lovely and I do like to use face oils, especially when its so cold and my skin is a bit dry and fragile. I am really looking forward to trying this one out.
Day Twenty Two was a Hydrating Face Primer by M&S Autograph. I always use a primer before applying my foundation as I do find they give you a better 'base' to work with. Not tried this one before so will give it a go in the coming weeks.
My plans for tonight are to veg out on the sofa and do nothing. Tomorrow our Tesco shop is being delivered and then after a few chores are done we are going to head into London to have a walk around and look at the lights. Only 3 more sleeps until the man in red comes to visit, the big kid in me is starting to get quite excited now!!

Love and festive hugs, Jane x

Blogmas 2017 Day Twenty - The Final Weigh In of the Year.

Wednesday 20th December 2017.

This week is going so slowly, honestly why isn't it Friday yet?? The sooner this week is over the better, I am ready now for some down time and to just stay home and chill out.

Today I went for my final weight watchers weigh in of 2017 and the verdict was that I maintained this week. I am not too bothered by that as I haven't particularly been that good over the last few days so I am actually surprised that there wasn't a small gain. I have set myself a max gain of 4lbs over the Christmas break although ideally I would like it to be less than that. I don't plan to restrict myself, if I want something I will have it but at the same time I am not going to go mad and eat everything in sight. Next class is Jan 4th 2018 and I will be there to face the damage and get myself back on track and to where I want to be.

Day 19 of my advent calendar was a Leighton Denny nail polish is a lovely sparkly silver shade called Stardust. This is a really pretty polish that just gives your nails a hint of colour and sparkle, its one of those shades that will be perfect for when your nails are in less than great shape or if you don't want something bold and bright.
Day 20 was a lip-gloss by Pixi in a shade called Honey Sheen. It has a lovely minty smell and I think its one of those glosses that has a slight plumping effect when used. Looking forward to trying it out over the coming days.

I hope you are all well and are now nearly ready for Christmas, only 5 more sleeps till the big day!

Love and festive hugs, Jane x


Blogmas 2017 Day Nineteen - The Christmas Tag

Tuesday 19th December 2017.

I saw this on a blog I recently found thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter. You can check out the original post here on Charli's blog. I thought this would make a great Blogmas post so here goes with my answers.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie? For me it has to be Home Alone, it isn't Christmas until we have watched it. It still makes me laugh even though I have seen tons of times.

2. What is your  favourite Christmas Song? To be honest there are far too many as I pretty much love them all but I think the one that always gets me singing the most is Michael Bubles version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

3 Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? We always have ours on Christmas morning, even now as an adult I get excited to wake up and see what's under the tree. I used to have a friend who exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and I just didn't get it....still don't really.

4. What is your favourite Christmas scent?  I hate anything that smells overly spicy, too much cinnamon or clove and my nose starts to twitch and my eyes will be streaming. I much prefer the berry type scents that have just a tiny little bit of spice. This year I have my Scentsy warmers going and my fave waxes are Eskimo Kiss and Cranberry Garland.

5. What tops your Christmas Tree? We have a large  glittery gold star on our tree this year but next year I am hoping to have something a little more special. We are off to Florida in Nov 2018 and I will be on the look out for something out there to top our tree when we get home.

6. Is your tree real or fake? We have a fake tree, as much as I would like a real one it just wouldn't survive the central heating. Plus the needles would be a hassle getting everywhere including in Daisy's paws.

7. Have your ever gone carolling? Hell no, wouldn't want to inflict the pain of my singing on anyone!!

8. White or coloured lights? We have warm white lights on our tree as I prefer the glow that they give off. Growing up my Mums tree always had multi coloured lights on.

9. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Neither really as I am not a fan of overly sweet hot drinks but if I had to choose it would be a good hot chocolate, with whipped cream and marshmallows!

10. Are you a Buddy the Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge? I don't have a Buddy Elf so I guess that makes me a Scrooge.

11. When do you put your tree/decorations up? Always at some point during the first week in December. I love it when the flat is all decorated for the festive season.

12. If you could travel anywhere for Christmas where would it be? Nowhere to be honest, I much prefer to be at home with my family and friends at Christmas. If I had to pick  though I guess it would have to be somewhere in the USA.

13. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Yes I do, sometimes I stick to them and sometimes I don't. Not thought about any for 2018 yet.

Feel free to join in on the tag! If you use these questions, tag me and Charli so we can read your answers!

PS. The image at the top of this post isn't mine, I found it online here....


Blogmas 2017 Days Seventeen & Eighteen

Sunday 17th and Monday 18th December.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday and for the late one today. The busy weekend has caught up with me and I have no energy or enthusiasm to post anything tonight so its going to be a short and sweet one. Added to that I spent today in the Crowborough office which was nice but the journey there is far longer than my usual daily commute so its taken it out of me a little. Right now I am curled up on the sofa resisting the urge to sleep until its bedtime. Think I will find me some You Tube vlogs to keep me occupied for a couple of hours or so.

Yesterday we went over to my sisters house for a family get together to celebrate her 50th birthday, we had a lovely time and the cake that I made on Saturday was a huge hit. It didn't actually look as good as I had hoped but it sure tasted nice. It wasn't particularly WW friendly but who cares!!
I also made my sisters birthday card but totally forgot to take a picture of it - doh!

Day 17 of my advent calendar was a Instant Beauty Shot by REN. I have seen a lot of hype around REN products so I am really looking forward to trying this out and seeing if its as good as everyone says.
Day 18 was a Transforming Body Lotion from a brand called Ameliorate. I have never heard of this before but a body lotion is always welcomed, especially one that's going to transform my tired old bod!!
Less than one week to go until Christmas and I am so ready for this week to be over now. I just want to finally be done with all the lists, things to do and wrapping. How are you all getting on, are you done yet?

Love and festive hugs, Jane x


Blogmas 2017 Day Sixteen - Lets Bake Another Cake

Saturday 16th December 2017.

Today was a baking day for me as my sister will celebrate her 50th birthday on Monday. Sarah requested a simple Red Velvet cake, as its a big birthday I decided to make the cake a little more special by making it with 4 layers. I filled it with vanilla buttercream and added some frosting, white chocolate stars and rice paper flowers . I finished it off with a sprinkle of red sugar crystals, some edible glitter and a sparkly 50. I think its turned out ok, just hope she likes it! Pictures of the cake will be included in tomorrows post.

After our night out last night we opted for a quiet night at home to chill out and watch the Strictly Come Dancing Final. All of the finalists this year are really good so I am really excited to watch and see who wins, I am hoping its either Joe or Alexandra as they are my faves. We had a very simple but tasty dinner of mussels cooked in a tomato, onion and garlic sauce. The mussels were lovely, really plump and juicy and they made the perfect Saturday night meal. A couple of gin and tonics finished the night off perfectly.

Day 15 of my advent calendar was a mascara from Diego Della Parma. I haven't heard of this brand or tried any of their products so am interested to do a bit of research and find out a bit more about them. Day 16 was a Percy & Reed hairspray. I was happy to finally get a hair product, was beginning to think that there wasn't going to be any.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, what have you been up to?

Love and festive hugs, Jane x

Blogmas 2017 Day Fifteen - Christmas Party Time

Friday 15th December 2017.

Apologies for the late post, I wanted to wait and share this one once I had some pics to include, however I forgot to pick my camera up when we so the only ones I have are what I took before we left for the party venue.

Last night was the works Christmas party - yay, a chance to get dressed up and eat, drink and be merry with my colleagues. I only work for a small company and we all get along really well so it was good fun to get together and celebrate the festive season. We got to take our partners along too which is a lovely touch, I know a lot of companies don't do this and its something that is very much appreciated by all of us here. I did most of the planning and arranging of the party this year and the venue that I finally selected was the Mercure Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. Our first choice was to go back to the East Sussex National where we held our party last year but by the time we settled on a date it was all sold out so we had to find an alternative.
We looked at quite a few places before we decided on the Mercure and as it's the first time we have been to this venue I was a little nervous but I didn't need to worry as all went well and it was a fab night. It was a Gatsby themed evening and the hotel looked fab as did the staff who had dressed up for the occasion. The whole booking process was super easy and Becki from the sales team at the hotel was really helpful in dealing with all my questions and our requests. I would definitely consider the Mercure again for next years party.

My party dress this year came from Oasis and it was a jacquard skater style dress with a floral lace print design all over. It wasn't actually what I wanted when I first started shopping but it fitted perfectly and looked nice on so I went for it.
I teamed it with a pair black suede heels that I bought in Dune last year and a small silver bag that I picked up at a little shop in Dartford. Below is a pic of me before we left for the hotel, its not very often I wear a dress so it was nice to push the boat out and show my colleagues that I can do girly when required. I work with an all male team and our office is very informal so the guys only get to see me dressed up once in a blue moon, they all commented on how nice I looked so that was a bonus for me too.
It was a great night and I was a good girl and didn't drink too much at all so I woke up hangover free and ready to face the day.

I will be back later with a post for Day 16.

Love and festive hugs, Jane x


Blogmas 2017 Day Fourteen - Weekly Weigh In Results

Thursday 14th December 2017.

Well here I am over half way through Blogmas 2017, I have to say I have surprised myself in managing keeping this up. I am so glad that I did as in years to come I will have these posts to look back on and remember what I was doing, where I was going etc, etc. Its been a real challenge but its one that I have been happy to undertake. I think I may set myself a few more blogging goals in 2018, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Today I went for my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in and I can happily report that I lost another 1lb! I am really happy with that, especially as looking back I think I am probably a couple of pounds lighter than I was this time last year. One more weigh in to go before Christmas and then I can relax and ease off for a few days. I know that when I go back to class in January there will most likely be a gain but I am more than happy to face that as I know that as soon as I get myself back on track the weight will come off again. I really want to make 2018 the year that I get to my goal weight, I have less than a stone left to lose to achieve this and I know that the closer I get to it the harder it will be but I am so determined to do it. This weight loss journey hasn't been always been easy, but for me its been so worth it. I am healthier, fitter and ultimately I am happier with how I look and how I feel about myself which is the whole reason I joined WW in the first place. This was never about me wanting to conform to what society deems to be ok, nor did I set out to be a certain size, I just wanted to get to a place where I was happy and content in my own skin and in my clothes. The icing on the cake (and yes I do still eat cake) will be getting my hands on that gold card you get when you reach your goal weight.
Day 14 of my advent calendar was a pot of Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. This is a brand I haven't tried before but its one I have heard fab reviews of so I am really looking forward to trying this one out. I do love a cleansing balm too, I find that they gently remove every last trace of make up but leave your skin silky soft. I have a feeling this one will be a full size buy. At £39.00 for a pot its not exactly cheap but its not extortionate either.

Tomorrow is the work Christmas party so my Blogmas Day post wont be up until sometime on Saturday.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Days Eleven & Twelve - Baby its Cold Outside

Monday December 11th & Tuesday December 12th.

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas 2017. I didn't have that much to blog about yesterday so I thought I would combine a couple of days into one post.

So I am going to get straight to the point here and say that I am really not loving the weather right now, in fact if I could I would happily stay at home and hibernate until around Easter next year. The only one good thing to come out of this time of year is Christmas!! Now I know lots of people enjoy the Winter months and love wrapping up in layers of clothes, being snuggly and all that but it isn't for me in any way shape or form. I would much rather the long, bright and warm days of Summer, I would happily swap festive coffees, hot chocolates and mulled wine in front of a fire for a long cool drink whilst being sat outside somewhere and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Getting to and from work is no fun, its pitch black when I leave home and its the same again when I return. I hate being bundled up in heavy coats with scarves, gloves and hats - I just want to wear pretty Summer clothes and flip flops all year round. Right now I am sat with the heating turned up full listening to the rain hammer on the windows while dreaming of escaping to a place where the sun shines all the time. As a final note I would like to add that I know I am very fortunate to have a warm and dry home, there are so many people living on the streets for whom this weather is far worse than just a dislike of the cold, wet and snow. So what's your favourite season? Are you like me and more of a Spring/Summer kind of person or do you favour the darker Autumal/Winter months?
I cant quite believe that in just under two weeks Christmas will have been and gone - in fact in three weeks time it will be the first day of 2018, I cant believe how fast this year has gone. I still have a ton of things to do before Dec 25th, I have a notebook in my bag where I am constantly writing things down and making lists. I don't mind Christmas shopping and planning but I have now reached that point where its not fun anymore and I cant wait for it all to be done so I can sit back and have some down time. Both Tom and I are off work between Christmas and the New Year and I am really looking forward to a few days of doing nothing! In the meantime I need to get myself organized and finish off what needs doing, better get checking those lists again.

I forgot to include my day 10 advent gift yesterday gift so that's below along with days 11 & 12.

Day 10 was a Marks and Spencer Beauty Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel. Its a gel that is supposed to activate on contact with the skin and roll, lift and sweep away dead skin cells. Another one that will go in the dish full of lotions and potions to try.
Day 11 was an Ultrasun Lip Protection Stick with SPF 30. I am going to put this one away for our holiday next year, it will come in very handy in the Florida sun and heat.
Day 12 was a small bottle of Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold. This smells amazing and I cannot wait to use it, I think I may give it a try tomorrow as I am planning a little bit of a pamper night. It says on the Cult Beauty website that this is a must have product for normal to dry and mature complexions and that it will leave the skin toned and refined. At £37.00 for a full size bottle if this is as good as its supposed to be I will making a purchase as its not totally budget busting.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas Day 2017 Day Thirteen - Pre-Party Beauty Prep

Wednesday 13th December 2017.

Tonight was all about some pre-Christmas party beauty prep, time to treat my skin and hair and give my hair a pop of colour. My hair is still naturally very dark but I have noticed lately that I have more and more greys coming through. Now I know that as we get older we are supposed to embrace the silver strands but I am so not ready to do that just yet!

I had a lovely long soak in a bubble filled bath where I applied a face mask to my skin. I used a Sephora sheet one that I bought back from the States with me, it was the Perfecting and Brightening Pearl one. It smelt lovely and left my skin soft and glowy, this one will be definitely be going on the Sephora shopping list next year.
At the moment my hair isn't in the best condition due to the colour effect that I had put in earlier this year so last night I gave it a deep conditioning treatment. I used the Charles Worthington Overnight Hair Healer to try and combat the dryness and give my locks some shine from root to tip. You are meant to leave this on overnight and wash off in the morning but I couldn't be done with getting up and washing and drying my hair at 6am so I applied it as soon as I got home from work and just left it on for a good couple of hours before rinsing off. I do love this product, it really does work, I just need to remember to use it more often.

My next task tonight was to add some colour to the faded bits of my hair and to cover those pesky greys. I used a Garnier Olia colour in shade number 4.62 which is called Forever Garnet. I am pleased with the way the colour has turned out, its really true to the image shown on the box and it smelt nice too unlike some of the home colours I have used in the past. The only real downside is that the bathroom looked like a murder scene after I rinsed my hair though, honestly it took a good 20 mins to clean up all the mess!!
Day 13 of my advent calendar gave me a Shay and Blue London perfume spray in the scent Blood Orange. Now I knew that this was included in the calendar so I was really excited to find it this morning. I have been wanting to try this brand for ages and now I have definitely want to try more of the range. This smells delicious and I cant wait to wear it, move over Jo Malone you have a challenger!
Hope your week is going well, don't forget to pop back tomorrow for another post.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Day Ten - A Slightly Snowy Day in London

Sunday December 10th 2017.

Like most of the country we woke to snow this morning, not exactly a lot of it but enough to create a dusting on the grass and some slush on the pavements. Social media was full of everyone's pics of snowy scenes and I admit that it does look very pretty but in all honesty I hate the stuff, it makes getting about so difficult and it becomes downright dangerous when the slush freezes and turns into black ice. Anyway below is my not quite so snowy scene and here's hoping it doesn't get any worse than this.
We made a quick trip to Lidl and Tesco for supplies and some more Christmas shopping, it was absolutely freezing out so we didn't hang about. I had hoped we could go for a walk by the river but today really wasn't the day for it, maybe we can manage it next weekend. Instead we decided to stay home in the warm and use the time to start wrapping the family presents. I managed to get quite a few done before I ran out of paper (typical) and before my back started to give out on me - sitting on the floor bent over is not easy work! The task wasn't made any easier as Daisy decided that she wanted to play and kept coming over to drop one of her toys in front of me.
We managed to get Zampa's annual Christmas photo done today, still need to do Daisy's one but that wont happen until she has been to the groomers. She is booked in to Holly & Lil on Dec 22nd, cant wait to see her looking all clean and trim.
The rest of the day was spent in a very leisurely manner at home in the warm watching films. It really was the perfect way to spend a cold and snowy day.

Hope you have all had a good weekend, did you get much snow where you are?

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx

Blogmas 2017 Day Nine - A Lazy Day and a Night Out

Saturday 9th December 2017.

Well my attempt at a lie-in this morning didn't quite go to plan. I woke up just as Tom came in from work at around 6.40am and immediately I was wide awake - typical! Being a good wife I got up and left him to sleep, hopefully I can grab a nap on the sofa a little later today. Luckily we don't need to be at our party tonight until around 8.30pm so there is no rush to be getting ready etc.

I filled the morning hours by quietly pottering about and by doing some more crochet, I also updated my Christmas shopping lists and my planner. The perfect lazy Saturday morning complete with plenty of coffee and the radio playing quietly in the background. The afternoon wasn't much different, a quick visit to the local supermarket for supplies and then that much needed nap before starting to get ready for our night out.

The party we went to was at Toms sisters house and its pretty much an annual event now. Last year it was a sit down meal for 20+ people and although it was very nice it was an extremely hard thing for Linda and Bill to organize and cater for. This year its going to be a lot more relaxed in that they are doing it buffet style so that people can mingle and come and go as they please. Despite the fact that I could have quite happily stayed at home in my pj's it was actually quite nice to get dressed up and have a night out. I wore a dress that I bought last year from Little Mistress, I teamed it with a pair of navy opaque tights and some heeled ankle boots. In the end we didn't get home till 3am - a good night was had by all.
Day 9 of my advent calendar was a Nails Inc one coat gel polish in a gorgeous shade of gold called Molten Star. Another product I am looking forward to trying out in the coming weeks and a great new addition to my collection of nail polishes.

Back later today with Day 10.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Day Eight - Its Friday!

Friday 8th December.

Yay its Friday which means the weekend is finally here, time to switch off the alarm for a couple of days and hopefully enjoy a lie-in or two. We have a party to attend tomorrow night but other than that we have no plans at all and that's the way I would like it to stay. I really just want to stay at home in the warm and potter around. I have a few chores that I want to do but other than that it will just be a nice lazy one. Tom is working a night shift tonight so once he has gone I am going to have a bath and then curl up on the sofa and find myself a festive film to watch while I finish writing out the Christmas cards.

I have a new crochet project on the go to keep me occupied too, its another C2C baby blanket although as yet this one doesn't have a home to go to when its completed. A couple of people I know are expecting babies in 2018 so I know that I wont struggle to find someone to gift this to when its finished. One of my pre New Years resolutions is to use up the odd balls of yarn that I have before I go and buy some more although the temptation to do another Wool Warehouse order is getting ever stronger. Seriously though if you are in to your crochet or knitting I highly recommend this store, they have an amazing selection of yarns and their customer service is superb. I have only ever bought from them online but they do also have a small shop in Leamington Spa which I would love to visit one day.
Day 8 of advent calendar gave me a mini Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. It comes in a tube and has a curved brush to lift the lashes and add volume and curl. I do love a new mascara and as I haven't tried this one before I am really excited to give it a go tomorrow night.
Of course as its Friday there will be at least one G&T, tonight I think I will crack open the Larios that I bought back from Spain - cheers!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Blogmas Day 9 wont be up until Sunday as I want to include some pictures from the party we are going to tomorrow night. I will try and get them edited and uploaded Sunday morning for you.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx

Blogmas 2017 Day Seven - Writing out the Cards

Thursday 7th December 2017.

As I am still fighting off a cold and I want to get rid of it ASAP I am continuing to take it easy this week and I am resting as much as possible once I am home from work. For now the housework and chores can wait a little longer, there is always another day for that.

Tonight I decided to tackle the writing of the Christmas cards, now as much as I love sending out cards I really hate writing them. I seem to be sending less cards each year but somehow the writing of them seems to take longer and longer. Like with my wrapping paper in previous years I have bought different designs of cards for different groups of people but this year in order to simplify things and make this whole process quicker I stuck with the same design for everyone. Obviously Tom and our immediate family members will have special cards but I just couldn't be done with trying to decide which snow filled scene should go to this or that person. A few months back I started making some cards, you can see that post here but despite my good intentions I never actually made anymore, oh well there is always next year (and yes I say that every year!!). Anyway this years cards came from the Card Factory and the box I bought consists of two designs, one is dark grey with a gold tree and the words 'May the Christmas Magic Never End' the other is white with a gold star and the words 'Wish Upon a Star'
Day 7 of my advent calendar gave me a tube of  Korres Wild Rose Advanced  Repair Sleeping Facial cream. Used at night its supposed to offer intense hydration and brightening which will leave skin softer, smoother and more radiant. It smells lovely and I am actually planning on using this one tonight.
Look out for post number 8 coming your way tomorrow.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Day Six - Weight Watchers Update

Wednesday 6th December 2017.

I went for my weekly weigh in today rather my usual day of Thursday and can happily report that I had a lose of one pound (1lb) this week. It just goes to show that properly tracking, counting points and staying on plan really does work. Occasionally I can get away with winging it but for me and for the plan to work and be effective I really need to stick to it. Its helped that I have menu planned this week and been quite mindful of what I have been eating and drinking. I will allow myself a little freedom from the plan over Christmas and New Year but I don't want to stray too far as that will undo all my recent good work. I am determined to stick with it and get where I want to be weight wise and I am hoping that 2018 is the year I can get to my goal. Whatever happens I know that I am a lot happier and healthier than I was when I first walked through the WW doors in 2016 and I am very proud of myself for sticking with it and for keeping the weight off.

I got my haircut tonight although I went to a local salon rather than my usual one. To be honest my hairdresser John did such a good job at my last appointment that it really only needed a little trim at the bottom and on the fringe this time. I do love going to see John but he works limited days and is based over in Islington so its not always convenient for me to get to him. Luckily I have a local place that I trust who does a pretty good job when I need a tidy up. At least now I can see where I am going and I no longer resemble Cousin It from the Addams Family!

Yesterday for Day 5 of my beauty advent calendar I got a Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel - very fancy sounding! This is another product for the face and this one claims to be a revolutionary anti-aging gel that volumises and defines the facial contours by plumping sagging skin. The unique dragons blood complex is sap from the Croton Lechleri tree which is supposed to reduce inflammation and redness and is ideal for tired or stressed skin. I plan to try this out this week, who knows with all these wonderful new products to try I could be a totally different woman in 2018!!
Day 6 was a Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila. Its a pretty nude colour called Perla however I am not sure the totally matt look suits me. Maybe its will look better with a light gloss over the top, will pop it in my bag and give it a try.

See you again tomorrow for another Blogmas post,

Love and festive hugs, Jane x


Blogmas 2017 Day Five - My 5 Favourite Christmas Films

Tuesday 5th December 2017.

Thought I would do something a little different today and share with you my top 5 fave Christmas films. These are in no particular order but they are all films that are watched every year at some point in the run up to the big day. Surely there is no better way to spend a cold and gloomy Saturday or Sunday afternoon than curled up at home on the sofa with a coffee and some cake while your Christmas lights and candles twinkle and glow all around you.

No. 1 - Miracle on 34th Street (1994). I know there is an older original version of this film but this one is my favourite as Richard Attenborough is just perfect as Kris Kringle. Its such a lovely and heart-warming film although in true American style its totally schmaltzy and over the top, defo one to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
No. 2 - Home Alone (1990). One of the best Christmas films ever! It never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I have seen it. Kevin is truly the most ingenious and imaginative child ever to be left on his own when a couple of clueless burglars try to rob his family home.  
No. 3 - Home Alone 2 Lost in New York (1992). As above, full of fun as the mischievous Macaulay Caulkin tackles the bumbling burglars again - this time in New York.
Now technically these last two are not actually Christmas films but they are always on TV at this time of year and for me Christmas isn't Christmas unless I have watched them.

No. 4 - Die Hard (1988). Bruce Willis as John McClane tackles the evil Hans Gruber played by the fantastic Alan Rickman in one of the best action films ever. This one is a classic - yippee ki ya.... (and if you have seen the film you will know the rest!).
No. 5 The King and I (1956). No line up of Christmas films is complete without a Rogers and Hammerstein musical and my number one film of this genre is and always be the King and I. This is a film that evokes so many childhood memories for me as it is something I watched many times, mostly on Sunday afternoon when my Nan and Grandad were visiting and we were all full of one of Mums roast dinners. I used to dream of being swept around a ballroom in a big, beautiful satin gown to the strains of Shall we Dance and no matter how many times I have seen the film I still always cry at the end. This one is definitely on my list of my most favourite films of all time and I have just found out that its going to be on the stage in London next Summer so I will be checking out the tickets for that.

So there you have its, that's my list. What's on your list of must watch Christmas movies?

As always, thanks for stopping by. I will be back tomorrow with post number 6 where I will share some more of my festive ramblings with you along with the contents of my advent calendar from days 5 and 6.

Love and hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Day Four - I dont like Mondays

Monday 4th December 2017.

Oh Monday why do you come back so quickly?? Is there anyone out there who actually likes this day? I know I certainly don't, especially when it brings with it a sore throat and a runny nose. Fingers and toes are crossed as I really don't want this to turn into anything nasty like it did a few months back. I will start by administering some self care and topping myself up on ibuprofen and hot honey and lemon drinks in a bid to knock any bugs on the head before they can multiply and develop into anything more. A nice soak in a hot bubbly bath is planned for when I get home from work and I definitely foresee a early night taking place, a good nights sleep always seems to help when I am feeling a bit under the weather.

Tonight's only chore is to make a start on wrapping the presents and first off it will be Tom's things as I want to get them done and popped under the tree. The paper I bought this year for his gifts is from M&S, its white in colour with a pretty green pine tree design and the words Christmas Wishes in gold. I used to buy different rolls of paper for the different groups of people that we buy gifts for but that proved to be so time consuming, expensive and confusing that I now just buy two different designs, one for Toms gifts and one for everyone else. Of course my gifts from Tom will be wrapped in paper that is totally different but that is down to him to buy.
Day Four of my beauty advent calendar bought me a Gatineu Melatogenine AOX Probiotic advanced rejuvenating cream. Its a face moisturiser that provides the skin with deep hydration and targets the early signs of lines and wrinkle whilst smoothing and protecting the skin. At £86.00 for a full size pot it will have to work wonders to get me to make this one a rebuy. Although you can get Gatineau products on QVC so maybe if I do like it I will look out for a TSV or easy pay deal.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you are enjoying my attempt at Blogmas so far. If there is anything in particular you would like me to blog about please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know. Tomorrows post will be all about my favourite Christmas films so pop back for a read of that if you like the sound of it.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


Blogmas 2017 Day Three - Lets go shopping

Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Hello and welcome to day 3 of Blogmas 2017. Today was all about trying to get the Christmas shopping finished. Our first stop was the Mcarthurglen outlet centre in Ashford, Kent. Its about an hour and a half's drive from us so not exactly local but not too far either. We managed to get a few more presents so it was worth the trip. It was really busy and even though we got there before the shops officially opened we still had to queue to get in the car park plus there were queues to get in some of the shops. Tom spotted some cute reindeers that were on show so we stopped to have a look at them and find out a few reindeer facts from the keepers. After that we went for some essential post shopping fuel (aka coffee and cake) while I updated my list and confirmed that we are now nearly done.  We decided to take a chance and call in at Bluewater on our way home. Luckily it wasn't that bad and we picked up a few more bits before calling it a day and heading home. I really couldn't be bothered to cook after a long day out so we ended up with a pizza and a few snacks, not exactly WW friendly but as I have been back on track I am sure a day off wont hurt.  So there we are, just a few more odds and ends to get now and then we can officially say we are finished the present shopping for another year - woo hoo! Just need to start the dreaded wrapping process and write/post the cards, am saving those jobs for a little later this week.
Day 3 of my Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar bought me a tube of Nuxe Precious Scented shower oil which I was very pleased to receive as this is a product I have already tried and loved. It will definetly be going on the list of full size rebuys and I really wouldn’t be disappointed if there were more Nuxe products in this calendar.
Hope you have all had a nice weekend, how are you getting on with your Christmas shopping and planning - are you done yet or do you still have more to do??

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx