Blogmas 2017 Days Eleven & Twelve - Baby its Cold Outside

Monday December 11th & Tuesday December 12th.

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas 2017. I didn't have that much to blog about yesterday so I thought I would combine a couple of days into one post.

So I am going to get straight to the point here and say that I am really not loving the weather right now, in fact if I could I would happily stay at home and hibernate until around Easter next year. The only one good thing to come out of this time of year is Christmas!! Now I know lots of people enjoy the Winter months and love wrapping up in layers of clothes, being snuggly and all that but it isn't for me in any way shape or form. I would much rather the long, bright and warm days of Summer, I would happily swap festive coffees, hot chocolates and mulled wine in front of a fire for a long cool drink whilst being sat outside somewhere and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Getting to and from work is no fun, its pitch black when I leave home and its the same again when I return. I hate being bundled up in heavy coats with scarves, gloves and hats - I just want to wear pretty Summer clothes and flip flops all year round. Right now I am sat with the heating turned up full listening to the rain hammer on the windows while dreaming of escaping to a place where the sun shines all the time. As a final note I would like to add that I know I am very fortunate to have a warm and dry home, there are so many people living on the streets for whom this weather is far worse than just a dislike of the cold, wet and snow. So what's your favourite season? Are you like me and more of a Spring/Summer kind of person or do you favour the darker Autumal/Winter months?
I cant quite believe that in just under two weeks Christmas will have been and gone - in fact in three weeks time it will be the first day of 2018, I cant believe how fast this year has gone. I still have a ton of things to do before Dec 25th, I have a notebook in my bag where I am constantly writing things down and making lists. I don't mind Christmas shopping and planning but I have now reached that point where its not fun anymore and I cant wait for it all to be done so I can sit back and have some down time. Both Tom and I are off work between Christmas and the New Year and I am really looking forward to a few days of doing nothing! In the meantime I need to get myself organized and finish off what needs doing, better get checking those lists again.

I forgot to include my day 10 advent gift yesterday gift so that's below along with days 11 & 12.

Day 10 was a Marks and Spencer Beauty Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel. Its a gel that is supposed to activate on contact with the skin and roll, lift and sweep away dead skin cells. Another one that will go in the dish full of lotions and potions to try.
Day 11 was an Ultrasun Lip Protection Stick with SPF 30. I am going to put this one away for our holiday next year, it will come in very handy in the Florida sun and heat.
Day 12 was a small bottle of Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold. This smells amazing and I cannot wait to use it, I think I may give it a try tomorrow as I am planning a little bit of a pamper night. It says on the Cult Beauty website that this is a must have product for normal to dry and mature complexions and that it will leave the skin toned and refined. At £37.00 for a full size bottle if this is as good as its supposed to be I will making a purchase as its not totally budget busting.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


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