Blogmas 2017 Days Seventeen & Eighteen

Sunday 17th and Monday 18th December.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday and for the late one today. The busy weekend has caught up with me and I have no energy or enthusiasm to post anything tonight so its going to be a short and sweet one. Added to that I spent today in the Crowborough office which was nice but the journey there is far longer than my usual daily commute so its taken it out of me a little. Right now I am curled up on the sofa resisting the urge to sleep until its bedtime. Think I will find me some You Tube vlogs to keep me occupied for a couple of hours or so.

Yesterday we went over to my sisters house for a family get together to celebrate her 50th birthday, we had a lovely time and the cake that I made on Saturday was a huge hit. It didn't actually look as good as I had hoped but it sure tasted nice. It wasn't particularly WW friendly but who cares!!
I also made my sisters birthday card but totally forgot to take a picture of it - doh!

Day 17 of my advent calendar was a Instant Beauty Shot by REN. I have seen a lot of hype around REN products so I am really looking forward to trying this out and seeing if its as good as everyone says.
Day 18 was a Transforming Body Lotion from a brand called Ameliorate. I have never heard of this before but a body lotion is always welcomed, especially one that's going to transform my tired old bod!!
Less than one week to go until Christmas and I am so ready for this week to be over now. I just want to finally be done with all the lists, things to do and wrapping. How are you all getting on, are you done yet?

Love and festive hugs, Jane x


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