Blogmas 2017 Day Seven - Writing out the Cards

Thursday 7th December 2017.

As I am still fighting off a cold and I want to get rid of it ASAP I am continuing to take it easy this week and I am resting as much as possible once I am home from work. For now the housework and chores can wait a little longer, there is always another day for that.

Tonight I decided to tackle the writing of the Christmas cards, now as much as I love sending out cards I really hate writing them. I seem to be sending less cards each year but somehow the writing of them seems to take longer and longer. Like with my wrapping paper in previous years I have bought different designs of cards for different groups of people but this year in order to simplify things and make this whole process quicker I stuck with the same design for everyone. Obviously Tom and our immediate family members will have special cards but I just couldn't be done with trying to decide which snow filled scene should go to this or that person. A few months back I started making some cards, you can see that post here but despite my good intentions I never actually made anymore, oh well there is always next year (and yes I say that every year!!). Anyway this years cards came from the Card Factory and the box I bought consists of two designs, one is dark grey with a gold tree and the words 'May the Christmas Magic Never End' the other is white with a gold star and the words 'Wish Upon a Star'
Day 7 of my advent calendar gave me a tube of  Korres Wild Rose Advanced  Repair Sleeping Facial cream. Used at night its supposed to offer intense hydration and brightening which will leave skin softer, smoother and more radiant. It smells lovely and I am actually planning on using this one tonight.
Look out for post number 8 coming your way tomorrow.

Love and festive hugs, Jane xx


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