January 2018 - So Far So Good

Well that's January almost over, just one more week and then the worst month of the year is done. To be fair this year hasn't been that bad so far, apart from the awful cold and wet weather its been better than in previous years. Saying that I always seem to feel really down and kind of flat in Jan, which I think is caused by combination of the come down from Christmas, the long dark days and the cold weather. I have been trying to keep myself busy, occupied and motivated so I don't end up in a fog of being totally miserable and fed up. I found this quote below on line and I now have it printed off and stuck in my planner as a reminder to try and find something positive in every day.
We have had a couple of birthdays to celebrate this month which has been nice. One was for a friends Mums 80th which was a surprise at home party. The other was my friend Cath's birthday and for that a group of us went out for a meal and drinks. We went to a place in Bermondsey called Texas Joes which is somewhere Tom and I have been saying we will try since it opened. As the name would suggest its an American BBQ restaurant which is just the kind of food we like. I had smoked slow cooked pork belly and Tom had brisket both of which were served with pickles, slaw and bread. We also shared sides of macaroni cheese and sweet potato fries. The food was amazing, the meat I had was so juicy and tasty and it literally melted in my mouth. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures as I was so hungry I just wanted to tuck in and devour the meaty goodness that was in front of me. We are planning to return again soon so I will make sure that next time we go I snap some pics to share with you all. After the meal we all headed to the local pub where we continued the night, there was lots of drinks, fun, laughter and chatter - all in all it was a really lovely Saturday night.

Our little bird Zampa was 14 this week, I cant really believe that in a few months time we will have had him for so long. He can be a noisy, messy little thing at times but we wouldn't be without him now. He certainly keeps us entertained and most of our family and friends too when they come to visit.
Tom has been working a fair bit of overtime again so I have kept myself busy just pottering about at home. I am quite busy with my crochet at the moment and currently have three C2C baby blankets on the go. One is more or less finished, I just need to complete the border and tie up the loose ends and then it will be off to its new home. I really love making these blankets, they crochet up so quickly and they make lovely new baby gifts. I have also been keeping up to date with Project Life and I have even managed to do a couple of scrapbook pages.

I also went to the cinema with a neighbour to see the new Disney/Pixar film called Coco. Its set around the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and is about a young boy who dreams of becoming a musician despite his families complete ban on music. It was a really good film and it conveys a very strong message about the importance of family, memories and following your dreams. Visually it was beautiful, with wonderful colours and images throughout, its a little emotional too and certainly had me reaching for my tissues a couple of times.

I hope that you are all having a good month so far? Leave me a comment below along with a link back to your own blog if you have one and I will pop over and have a read.

Love and hugs, Jane

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