My 2018 Goals/To Do List - Part 1

I know that we are already a month down but I thought I would make a start on a to-do list for this year. Its really just a list of things I want to do, get done or just achieve in the coming 11 months. Don't worry, I am not setting myself any unrealistic goals, I certainly don't have plans to be running marathons or climbing mountains. Most of this is just everyday stuff with a few new challenges chucked in for good measure.

1. Complete Project Life - This is now underway am so far I am up to date although we are only 4 weeks in. I am determined to keep it up this year and have a wonderful album full of memories to look back on when its finished.

2. Read More - I love to read and my Kindle is full of books, a lot of which are read but quite a few of which are not. My plan is to try and read one new book a month, the Kindle is now fully charged so I have no excuses. Any suggestions for a good read will be gratefully received.

3. Keep on Track with Weight Watchers - As many of you will know I joined WW a just over 2 years ago and I successfully managed to lose 2 stone. A little of that has gone back on (around 4/5 pounds at present) but I know that if I don't take 'control' of my eating a whole lot more will go back on too and that is something I am not going to let happen. I have started menu planning again which definitely helps with staying on track. I really want to get back to a weight that I am happy with and hopefully with a little bit more willpower and work I may even get to my golden goal!

4. Be Kinder to Me -  This one is really all about self care, its something I have read an awful lot about recently and its something I really want to focus on. My main goal is to learn to say no, whether its to a certain someone or to situations and events. I am not a particularly strong person and I always like to make other people happy. Because of this I have a tendency to say yes when I really want to say no and I quite often allow my self to be bullied/pressured into things that I don't really want to do. This year I am going to take control and stand up for myself, I know there are a few people that probably wont like it but they are just going to have to suck it up. Its my life and I will live it how I want to.

5. Photography - I love taking photos, I always have and probably always will. Yes, I am that annoying family member/friend that always has a camera and wants to snap pics of everyone!! Photos are so important to me as they are such precious memories of our lives, they are also a very essential part of my scrapbooking. I have had various cameras over the years, none of which I have taken the time to find out how to use on any mode other than auto. As I am planning on buying a 'big camera' later this year I will be doing my research on courses and on-line tutorials that will help me push myself out of the auto safety zone and into something a little more creative.

6. Video Editing - Tom and I have quite often taken a camcorder on holiday with us, especially when we have gone to the US. We have a whole load of footage that we watch back but some of it is a little messy in parts and it could do with being made nicer to watch. As we have gotton more and more into vlog watching I have realized that with the right software there is so much that can be done to make your footage look and sound a little more professional. I am going to buy some Adobe Photoshop software and getting playing to see what I can do. With all our Vegas footage and this years holiday in Nov I am certainly going to have my work cut out but its a task that I am really looking forward to undertaking. Like the photography point above I will be looking for on-line tutorial's to guide me though this whole process, I am actually really looking forward to getting stuck
into this one and learning more.

As the year progresses I am sure I will add a few more things to my list, I will keep you updated on how I get on with all of the above as well as any new things I add.

What are your goals for 2018, have you set yourself any challenges or resolutions?

Love and hugs - Jane x


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