Project Life 2018

If you are a long time follower of mine you will know that I have attempted and completed Project Life a couple of times in the past. However its not something that I have had a go at in quite some time, the last time I actually completed a full year was in 2014. I did start it again in 2015 but I never actually got round to finishing it, I think I made it to about August before I lost my way and gave up. Despite having a ton of PL cards I really haven't looked at it since then, although I did sort through my cards at one point last year to gift them to a fellow crafter who was just starting out.
As 2017 drew to a close I started thinking about getting back to scrapping and crafting as I really didn't do much at all last year. I am so behind where scrapbooking events such as holidays and birthdays are concerned and to be honest I am a little daunted as to where to start as I know I need to go back at least a year and a half to even begin to catch up. The only exception to this is our holiday to LA and Vegas last year which gave me a bit of renewed enthusiasm to scrap again, however I still have a long way to go before I can say its complete. When I first started the album I felt a little out of my depth mostly due to having lots and lots of pictures that I wanted to include so I decided to do some of the pages Project Life style as it meant I could add plenty of images and as well as being able to add journaling. This was definitely the kick start that my motivation needed and I now feel ready to attempt to get my albums up to date. I have been looking on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and now have plenty of inspiration to create pages and pages of proper 12x12 layouts.
In addition to getting back to scrapping and with a new year upon us I decided that I would once again do Project Life. Its such a quick and simple way of keeping up to date with all the moments and memories that wouldn't necessarily warrant a individual scrapbook page. I feeling really motivated and am planning to do it weekly although when there isn't so much to record I will just combine the weeks. I am really excited to be doing this again, its my challenge to myself to keep it up to date and complete it. Like a true crafter I have plenty of PL stash, however I may just need to add some of the newer collections to my supplies.......ssshhhh don't tell anyone but the deed is already done and a new kit is currently on order. There are loads of kits available and plenty of UK suppliers, my faves are Hey Little Magpie and Papermaze.
So here are the first two pages of 2018, the next two are prepped and ready to have journaling and images added to the pockets.
Are you planning on doing anything creative this year, or are you planning on recording your memories in a special way? Leave me a comment and let me know, if you have a blog of your own leave me a link and I will pop over and take a look.

Thanks for stopping by, love and hugs as always.

Jane xx

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