Finally its February

After what's felt like the longest month ever January is over and we have a new month ahead of us - yay! We are another month closer to the lighter, longer and warmer days, I have seriously had enough of Winter and the cold now. I noticed just the other day that the daffodil's outside the flat have started to peek their gorgeous green stems through the ground so hopefully it wont be long before there is a lovely splash of colour outside to brighten things up and herald the arrival of Spring.

I finally took myself back to Weight Watchers after not having been for most of the month. Despite all my good intentions to stay on track I just couldn't get motivated, which I think was mostly caused by me just feeling a bit flat and run down for most of Jan. Something finally clicked again last week as I started to feel and see the effects of my eating habits being so erratic and unhealthy and I knew it was time to head back to WW and face the scales. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I had feared and the gain was only 1lb, now I just need to get myself back on track and focus on eating well. Here's hoping that I can see the benefits of that at my next weight in.

Tom has been doing lots of overtime again so that has meant I have had plenty of time to myself. I have been working on a couple of crochet projects and I have also spent some time in my craft room playing with pretty papers. I have now finished the Disney section of our 2017 holiday album which makes me happy and sad at the same time as I have loved doing these pages. Now I just need to scrap the Vegas photos to complete the whole album. I am booked on a scrapbooking retreat in October of this year so I think I will save these for then as it will be easier to have a whole project to work on rather than odd photos. Between now and then I will work on all the other outstanding pictures I have from the last year or so. I am also going to have another good clear out of my room and try to re-organize my papers & embellishments by using different ways of storing them. I am planning to do a separate post on this/my craft room at a later date. Below are a couple of pictures of the last 2 layouts I completed.

This weekend just gone was a lovely one. On Saturday we went down to Ramsgate so we could go and meet up with our very dear friends Claire and Len and their boys Stan and Ted. We went to the Canterbury Bell for lunch where we enjoyed a lovely catch up over some very yummy food. I had chicken and waffles which was served with fries, slaw and a maple syrup and chilli sauce, even just thinking about it now is making my mouth water it was that good. Everyone else enjoyed their food too and it was a clean plates all round situation which is always a good sign. After lunch we headed to Herne Bay where we had an overnight stay at the Premier Inn as we were going to a surprise party to celebrate our friend Eddies 60th birthday. We had a nice evening and the hotel was clean, comfy and quiet and we both slept really well despite Toms Fitbit alarm going off a couple of times in the night. We had planned to have a mooch along the seafront in Whitstable on Sunday morning but it was so cold that we didn't bother, instead we just stopped to buy some seafood for our tea and headed to my Mums to collect Daisy.
Freezing cold but still had time to grab a quick selfie!!
Once we were home we just curled up on the sofa and had a quiet chilled out afternoon and evening. Tom watched the rugby while I played at editing some video footage and then we settled down to watch a few more Florida vlogs. Currently we are binge watching Lou and Han who are an English couple who have recently moved to Orlando. Usually all the vlogs we watch are of peoples holidays so its nice to watch some that are from a different perspective.

I hope that you are all well and that you have had a nice weekend, did you do anything  nice or did you just hibernate and stay home in the warm?

Love and hugs, Jane xx

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