Bank Holiday Bliss

Good morning and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you all had a nice bank holiday weekend and that you enjoyed the glorious weather that we had.

Tom and I had a lovely few days, for the first time in ages he didn't have any overtime so we had the weekend completely to ourselves which was very nice indeed. We didn't do anything major, we just pottered about and generally chilled out and relaxed.
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On Saturday we went to Bluewater so Tom could spend the last of his Christmas/Birthday vouchers and money. He bought himself a pair of wireless Sony headphones to go with his new iPhone, yay to no more tangled wires getting in the way or caught up. The ones he got are also noise cancelling so they will be perfect for any long haul flights that we take. I didn't get much on this visit, I was very sensible and just got a couple of bath bombs from Lush and a new mop from Lakeland. We had planned on having lunch while we were at the centre but we couldn't decide on where we wanted to eat so we didn't bother. Instead we popped into my Mums on the way home to say hello and have a quick cuppa. Once we got back to our home we went straight outside to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, after all the awful weather we have had it was so nice to feel the sun on our skin. Far better than being stuck inside with all the windows closed and the heating on. Before long our conversation turned to what we were going to have for dinner, after much debate we settled on going for a curry and headed for the wonderful Tower Tandoori (watch out for a separate blog post/restaurant review). As is always the case when we eat at TT the food and service were first class, we have been eating there for at least 18 years now and whenever we visit we are welcomed and treated like family. It was the perfect way to finish off what had been a very nice day indeed.

Sunday saw us get up fairly early, it was another beautiful day and even at 9am you could feel the heat from the sun. Our plan for this morning was something that we had been putting off doing for a good year or so, but with Tom at home and the weather being good we had no excuse - it was time to clear out the garage. In the end it only took us about 2 hours to do and we managed to get rid of a whole load of rubbish - I cant believe some of the stuff that we had in there. Its all done now and once the last few bits have been disposed of and some other stuff has been taken to the charity shop the garage will once again be usable. The rest of the day was spent outside enjoying the sun before we headed in to watch a YouTube live stream that was hosted by our friends Shaun and Caroline (and not forgetting Dave & Harley of course) of See Shaun Vlog. It was a great stream and although there were some serious issues discussed there was also a lot of fun and laughter. Tom and I are both really looking forward to meeting up with them next weekend when they come to London and hopefully again in Nov when we are all in Florida at the same time.

Bank Holiday Monday saw me in my craft room for a couple of hours early on. I tidied a few of the cupboards and even managed to do two layouts before we decided to make the most of the day and headed out for a walk along the river. Even at 11am the crowds were out in force and the stretch of riverfront between Tower and London bridges was packed. Tower Bridge is my most favourite of all the bridges that span the river Thames, I never tire of admiring it, especially on a beautifully sunny day.
We came home via Bermondsey Street and stopped in the B Street Deli, Tom had a coffee and a doughnut and I had coffee and Spanish toast. Once we got home we spent the rest of the day sitting outside making the most of the gorgeous afternoon & evening. It had been a wonderful weekend and we really didn't want it to end. Oh well, only 3 weeks until we have another one.

Thanks for stopping by to read, love and hugs as always.


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