Blog Makeover - Thanks Pipdig!

As you may be able to tell I have given my blog a bit of a make over. I have been wanting to make it look a little 'smarter' for a while now but I had no idea on where to start so I began looking around to see what other people had. I kept on seeing the name Pipdig on the bottom of a lot of peoples blogs and after a bit of investigation I found that they are a company who provide professional looking templates for blogs. There are so many themes to choose from and no matter who your blog is with there is something for you.

I spent several weeks looking at all the themes before eventually picking on the one that's now installed on my blog. The theme I eventually picked is called Montaigne and as you can see its very pretty and feminine which is just the look I wanted. It was so easy, you just make the purchase and pretty much instantly you get an email with full details on how to install the theme yourself. If you are not 100% confident in doing that yourself  then you dont need to worry, just simply answer a few questions and send a return email to Pipdig and they will do it all for you. I bought my template on Thursday and by Saturday evening it was all installed and up and running again. You can still keep all your favourite gadgets and side bar tools and there is even an option to customise some of it too which is just great.

I really do love how my blog now looks and I absolutely recommend Pipdig if you fancy giving your blog a new look. The customer service was fantastic, they answered all my questions and are easy to contact via email or Twitter. All I need to do now is keep making regular posts!


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