Introducing Memory Makers UK

Hello and welcome back to my blog, apologies for not having posted for a couple of weeks now. Tom has been busy working lots of overtime and its really been too hot to do anything at all so there hasn’t actually been much to post about. Anyway, I/we have a few things in the pipeline so I will do my best to get back to regular blogging.

So, todays post is a slightly different one in that I am using it to spotlight a new venture that has been created by some very dear friends of mine. If you have read any of my Florida related posts, or if you know me or follow me on Twitter you will know that vlog watching has become something that Tom and I really enjoy. It was originally something we did now and then to help with our Florida holiday planning but it fast became regular viewing (we actually watch more YT than we do normal tv now!) and it has introduced us to a whole new world of wonderful people, some of whom we are now proud to call our friends.

Memory Makers UK has been created by three of our favourite You Tubers; See Shaun Vlog, Gareth & Laura and Eighty6Point5 (links to all three are at the bottom of this post). The three channels have come together to create a brand born out of shared dreams, passion, friendship and love. They will still be creating vlogs for their own You Tube channels but they will also be collaborating and working together to create content that will be shared across the three channels and individually on a rotation basis so make sure that you subscribe to them all so you don’t miss any of the GarLaurious Shaunanigans!! Another part of the plans for MMUK is for them to support and spotlight other vloggers and bloggers in the community and to help them grow their respective channels and SM outlets. I personally think this is a great idea and is something that we should all get on board with, we need to be building each other up and supporting each other not trying to tear down others hopes and dreams. Memory Makers UK will have exclusive content on their website and across their social media’s so get subscribing now on YT, Insta, Twitter and FB – I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. There is also a online shop where you can find all sorts of fab merch ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to pins, bags and caps so make sure you head over to check that out and take advantage of the special offer they have running that will give you 15% off.

This venture is something that is very close to my heart as in the short time that we have known these guys they have become more than friends to both Tom and I. They are the most supportive, kind and caring bunch of people we have ever come across and as time progresses its becoming more and more evident that we have so much more in common than just a love of Disney and Florida. I am a true believer in fate and I know that the powers of social media introduced us all for a reason. I for one cannot wait until we are all together in Florida as I know that we will be creating the most magical of memories that will last a lifetime.
This isn’t the last post you will see from me about MMUK, I plan to support them every step of the way and I will do regular posts to spotlight what they are up to.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jane. Wonderfully written

Carolou said...

Thank you Jane! You write so well xx