August Update

Well my plans to blog regularly last month didn't quite go to plan. I did have a few posts in draft but they are well past their sell by date now so I thought I might as well delete them and just get on with a whole new one. So here we go with a August recap. We had a couple of busy weekends and the first one was my birthday - oh joy I am now another year older! I had a fab weekend though and was thoroughly spoilt by Tom and my family and friends. I got loads of cards and some really lovely gifts which included flowers, chocolates, gin, bubble bath, beauty products and wine. Tom bought me a bottle of Aviation which is my fave American gin, he also bought me a new handbag from Cath Kidston and some more charms for my Pandora bracelet.
I was at work on the morning of my birthday but my bosses kindly sent me home just after lunchtime which was a great start to the weekend. After a couple of hours of chilling out and eating cake Tom and I went to the B Street Deli for a bite to eat. Our fave table in corner at the back of the bar area was gone but we managed to get a table right on the deli counter which was perfect. As always it was fab and we had our usual platter of cheeses and meat, all of which were delicious and more than enough to fill us up. Saturday was spent doing some shopping at Bluewater followed by a trip to my Mums for some more cake! The Sunday was a lovely lazy day at home, we did some gardening and spent the rest of the day sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.
On August 11th we took a trip to Peterborough to attend the Reeves Family BBQ. It was a fantastic day spent with some of the friends that we have recently made through Twitter and You Tube. We got to meet some of our fave vloggers which was just amazing, finally after months of seeing these people on our TV on a weekly basis we were actually talking to them in real life. I am not ashamed to admit that I had several fan girl moments!! Everyone was so lovely and we were made to feel very welcome into the whole #Disfam community despite the fact that we are not proper 'vloggers' (yet!). We are already looking forward to attending next years event and to watching all the new vlogs that are going to be appearing in the coming months especially as a lot of these guys are soon going to be jetting off to Florida later this month.

The rest of the month was pretty easy going with nothing too much to report. We had a family BBQ at Toms sisters house for her birthday and I had a Scentsy party which I did really well at and means that I get to stay active as a consultant for another three months. We went to the Disney store to get our August Micky Memories and we had a meet up with our friends Gina and Ian who were in London to watch the rugby at Wembley. I also had a hair cut and Tom did a couple of overtime shifts. The Bank Holiday weekend was a very laid back and chilled out one, I even managed to finally spend some time in my craft room. I had a good clear out of some old stuff and finally started to get myself a little more upto date with Project Life and Scrapbooking. Fingers crossed there will be a lot more weekends like that coming up, I really want to get as upto date as I can especially as there will be a lot of scrapping to be done after our hols.

I honestly cant believe that we are now in September and that the Summer is almost over. There is definitely an Autumnal chill to the air now and the nights are starting to draw in. As sad as I am to see that happen I am also excited by it as it means that out holiday is drawing ever closer. We have 70 days now until we fly out and just 10 days until I can start booking our fast passes. I have booked next Friday as a days annual leave so I can stay home with my laptop and hopefully get us all the fast passes we want. However we do need to sit down this weekend and make some kind of list as to what rides we want to do and when. If you have any hints and tip for booking fast passes please feel free to leave a comment below.

As always thanks for stopping by for a read.

Love and hugs - Jane x



Carolou said...

Can't wait either! Love Caroline cx

Jane O'Sullivan said...

Thanks Caroline x

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