August 2019 - Birthday Weekend Celebrations

Hello again and welcome back to my blog.

Last Saturday saw me celebrate my birthday oh yay, I am officially another year older! Usually Tom and I celebrate our birthdays over a weekend by spending some time together as well as with our families. However Tom was working overtime on Sunday so I took a days annual leave on Friday so we could have that extra day together.

On Friday we paid a visit to Bluewater where we did some shopping and Tom bought me some birthday gifts. As always I was a very lucky and spoilt girl, I got some super cute new Converse, a Disney Spirit Jersey that was a huge bargain, it was reduced from £50.00 to £24.99 on the tag but when we went to pay it actually came up at £14.99 (would have been totally rude not to get it at that price!). I was also bought some chocolates, some Disney & Pixar dvds for my collection and bottle of Brockmans gin. After our shopping trip we popped in to see my parents before we headed home to relax and watch some more Stranger Things. We never watched this when it first came out but have decided to give it a go as we have heard so much about it. We have now finished Season One which we both enjoyed, just need to crack on with seasons two and three now.

We didn't do much at all on my actual birthday, in fact we were rather domesticated and spent some time outside in our little garden space. Tom cut back two of our plants that had become so overgrown that they were reaching into our neighbours above windows - thankfully he had a ladder big enough to enable him to get to the top to trim them back. Our outside space isn't officially our garden but the council are happy for us to make it pretty and put in some plants and flowers etc. It took a little longer than planned to complete it all but once it was all finally done it looked so much better. After all that hard work it was time for a coffee and a birthday treat - a lovely slice of red velvet cake which is my fave!
Tom took me out for dinner on Saturday night to our most favourite steak restaurant which is called Constancia. Its a small, local independent restaurant with the most fabulous food and we always receive such a warm welcome from the owner which adds to why we continue to support it. Price wise its not the cheapest place to go hence the reason why we save it for special occasions. As always we had a fab meal and by the time we left we were fit to burst.
Tom was at work on Sunday so I had the day to myself and for the first time in ages I actually managed a good few hours in my craft room. I did a couple of 12x12 layouts and about 8 Project Life pages for our 2019 and Florida 2018 albums. The 2019 album is now pretty much up to date but there is still a very long way to go with the Florida album, there is no way its going to be finished before this years trip. I am going to have plenty of scrapping to keep me going over the coming months, just need to make sure that I dedicate some time to it on a more regular basis.

So that's another post over, as always thanks for stopping by to read. Hopefully I will be back with something else for you to read soon.

Love and hugs,



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